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Signs that your girlfriend is serious about you

Modern times have changed the discourse regarding dating, and people are quickly moving away from old-school romances. A right swipe may find you, your potential partner, and even your spouse. People fall in love quickly and break up even faster as a result of the modernised format of fast dating. So, are dating apps or modern dating a boon or bane for men? Well, both! The never-ending options for finding a partner may be tiring, but on the other hand, they also give individuals a platform to socialize. What signs indicate to a man that his partner is serious about him and that they can move things forward while dating? To help in this bewilderment, here are some signs that can help you navigate whether your girlfriend is serious about you or not:

She drops hints every now and then

If your girlfriend is really into you and serious about your relationship, and every now and then she tells you that she really wants to take things forward with you, then what are you waiting for? This confidence exerted by herself is itself a hint to take things more seriously, but only if you feel the same.

She is trying to get closer to you—emotionally and physically

Your girlfriend’s body language and behaviour may speak volumes about whether she is serious about you or not. If she has open body language and desires you every now and then, which is not just physical but also an emotional bond between the two, then things are headed in the right direction. If she’s trusting you with everything, that can be a sign of her being fond of you or that she finds a good friend in you. This should be carefully articulated, as trusting doesn’t mean that they want things serious with you, but her level of seeking and intensity will tell whether she is willing to take the next step or not.

If she is interested in your past, present, and future,

If she is damn interested in digging into your past, your love life, your friends, and possibly everything that’s about you, that is a signal she is sniffing things around you so as to be clear in her head about future aspects of your relationship. Why would someone who isn’t interested in the relationship delve into someone’s past? The only possibility is that the person is thinking seriously about the relationship.

She wants to meet your family

Relationships can be volatile, and things do not always go as planned. Couples often date in a secretive way, and no one knows each other’s family very often. But what if your girlfriend is really interested in meeting your family members and she seeks that out with passion? Well, this is a sign she may want to know them and is serious about settling down with you.

She taps into your emotions

Men have a problem expressing their emotions; they usually don’t. Every time you are in a bad mood or are upset about something, and your partner is continuously trying to make you feel better by elevating your mood, this suggests that she is taking you seriously and wants to invest her emotions.

She is no longer active on dating apps

If your partner has deleted all her dating apps and sworn to never download them again, this is a sign of her deep commitment and love for you, which eventually made her go off these apps. If she had an iota of doubt about your relationship, then she would always keep her options open. But if she has committed, it is a sign that she is really serious about you.

Deep eye contact

If your girlfriend looks at you in a way that she doesn’t look at other people, and her deep gaze shows signs that she has a special connection with you, Non-verbal communication often says a lot more than verbal communication, and it is said that 60-70 percent of talking goes without uttering a single word! If she has those special twins in her eyes when she sees you, it is also a sign that she is really serious about you.

Posting pictures of you and her on her social media accounts

No girl will post a picture of someone on their social media accounts until and unless she is serious about the relationship and wants the world to know. Only someone serious enough will post pictures on their social media accounts.

Making you a Priority 

If you are her priority above all and she goes the extra mile to do things for you, these are signs that she is serious about you. If she cancels her events and day plans just for you and is diligently putting in extra efforts, this is a sign of her being totally into you.

In A Nutshell 

Relationships require willpower and commitment to succeed. Only when both partners are physically and emotionally invested in each other are there signs of a healthy relationship. Men can be wary and should be if they are skeptical about the direction in which their relationships are headed. Identifying the hints and decoding your girlfriend’ and her behaviour based on the above-mentioned hints is a great way to know whether the relationship is serious or is not headed in any direction.

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