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Signs That Men Are in a Wrong Relationship 

Do you ever get the horrible suspicion as a man, that your partner might not be the one for you? Although partnerships require work and we all occasionally have misgivings, there are times when you know you’re in the wrong relationship because things aren’t going the way you’d like them to. If you think you’re in the wrong relationship, here’s some sound advice on how to tell if it’s unhealthy.

8 points to think about

Men, if you feel like you are in a wrong relationship, chances are that you just might be. Your partner may be great, just not great for you. Here are 8 points to think about and assess whether you’re in a healthy relationship or not.

1. Other’s thoughts matter too

Even when you are deeply in love with your partner, your friends, family, and even your pet may not share your enthusiasm. Don’t dismiss their worries! It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of a new relationship, but it’s crucial to listen to what they have to say. Additionally, you must take into account the possibility that their opinions of him or her won’t change in the future, which may make matters more difficult.

2. Only you are constantly adjusting

Being motivated to improve yourself by your lover is one of the best aspects of relationships. Maybe he or she gives you advice on how to earn that promotion at work or urges you to volunteer more. But is your partner truly in love with the real you if they are always criticising you and pushing you to make changes? You can’t always be the one to adapt to your partner’s wishes.

3. You’re constantly getting taunts

No one is flawless, but if you see that your partner frequently criticises you, frequently makes comparisons to others, or frequently cracks cruel jokes, it’s time to let them know that it’s not acceptable! Your partner should respect you as you are, not as a “work in progress.” Your spouse should help you feel good about yourself and accept you for who you are.

4. Your partner is always the leader, and you are the follower.

Relationships are 50/50, as we are constantly told, and this is true. It’s not always possible for just one person to decide everything for the two of you. There may be occasions when one of you is more qualified or simply wants to take the lead, and that is acceptable. But it could be a warning sign if your partner insists on making all the decisions.

5. You always have him in the bank of your mind

It’s normal to miss your partner and wonder what they might be up to, but this is about trust, not missing your partner. Because you don’t trust your partner, do you ever wonder what they might be up to? If that’s the case, problems may be on the horizon. Distrust is unhealthy and can result in disputes and envy.

6. Nothing’s enough

Do you hear complaints from your partner that you don’t spend enough time with them? Or, perhaps you’re the one who craves quality time with your partner despite the fact that s/he prefers to hang out with friends. Gray argues that couples must feel at ease with one another during the time spent together. If your partner enjoys going out with friends on Friday evenings, there’s a good chance that won’t change in the future.

7. There is no physical aspect

Do you enjoy PDA and physical contact, but your partner would rather have less of it? It’s conceivable for you or your spouse to modify your preferences over time for more or less physical contact, but there’s a bigger likelihood that they won’t, which could eventually result in infidelity. Even if it’s not a complete deal-breaker, it’s something to consider if one party isn’t giving what the other needs.

8. Are you losing control?

Do you ever get the feeling that you have no control over how you use your leisure time? Are you always carrying out your partner’s requests in an effort to please them? Do you need to get approval before visiting your friends or family? If your partner has assumed control—possibly in a negative way—it may be because you answered affirmatively. One person making all of the decisions for the other is not the foundation of healthy relationships.

9. You think it’s your duty to ensure their happiness.

Although it is not anyone’s responsibility to make their partner happy, couples do so out of love. It’s a solid symptom of an unhealthy and wrong relationship if your partner is completely dependent on you and needs you! Being so dependent on you for your partner’s happiness is unhealthy, and you will wear yourself out trying to make them happy all the time.


If, at any point while going through the lust, you felt like the situation directly resonated with you, then it may be the case that your relationship is not totally healthy and that you and your relationship are wrong for both you and your partner. This means that you either have to change that particular aspect of your relationship or leave your partner altogether. Being in a healthy and nurturing relationship is everyone’s right. Make sure that you feel safe and comfortable with your partner and that you are both just as involved in your relationship. Or else it may cause you mental distress later and thus make your life much more difficult. Stay healthy and stay safe.

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