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Sexting – A saviour of your relationships

Emotional and physicality go hand in hand in any healthy relationship. But indulging sexually with your partner when you live apart is onerous. Distance can have an impact on your relationship. Sexting is one of the most convenient ways of bringing back physical intimacy in your relationship. It doesn’t require much effort, but often it is imperative.

Millennials many a time go for a hit-and-try method regarding their physical intimacy. Knowing how sexting works as a bridge is essential if you are away from your partner. Here is your guide to making your sexting experience better.

Ask for sexual consent

If you have been in a relationship for a long time, you may know the hint lines of your partner well. Still, it’s better to clarify and ask if your partner wants to sext. Just because it’s digital doesn’t mean you don’t need consent. Mutual consent is the first step of any intimate physical moment that ensures you care enough for your partner continually. As physically, you and your partner are away from each other, it is essential to know if your partner is even in a place to sext at all or not. If your partner is in a work meeting or having dinner with family, you can’t expect them to have a hot sexting session with you. You can experiment only if you and your partner are in a comfortable private space.

Take things slow

Sexting is all about building a crescendo. As no physical touch is involved, your mind needs to visualize a lot, so it’s better you take it slow. Make sure you mention details that can turn your partner on and make them feel the vibe. People find it challenging to initiate sexting. You can start a conversation about any previous sexual encounter you guys had together (Of course, don’t bring up an experience you had with your ex, I mean, duh!!). You can also start by praising your partner more sexually, like how hot they are. You can also share your fantasies and use your imagination. Tell them your fantasy, and then smoothly keep talking. Don’t worry; one thing will lead to another.

Don’t completely neglect your comfort zone

While experimenting with anything new, it will take time to get comfortable with it. But there is a very thin line between being hesitant and uncomfortable that we need to understand. If you are reluctant to share any steamy picture or video with your partner or even do sexting, pushing yourself a bit is fine. But if you feel uncomfortable, you must stop without worrying about how you’ll explain to your partner. Comfort is the first step towards intimacy. Try new things together, like sharing pictures, voice notes, audio calls and even video calls for a sensual experience.

Sexting is a two-way street

Whenever you send some steamy picture, video or voice note, give your partner a thumbs up. Don’t be too spontaneous while initiating sexting. You won’t like your sexy voice note to be played in front of your partner’s family just because you didn’t warn prior. Ensure you check whether they are alone before getting intimate over texts. It is obvious yet important to mention that sexting won’t be good enough if you don’t participate equally. As much as you want your partner to tease you and turn you on by putting words to their imagination, they want the same. Your relationship can be sexually intimate and joyous if you care for each other’s sexual needs aptly & in a timely fashion.

Chew over your fantasies and desires

There is no better time to discuss your sexual fantasies than sexting. It will not just improve the communication but will help turn on both of you. And as it’s a fantasy, you can talk about any sexier place in your mind. As sexting is about imagination, pre-existing fantasies can add up the spice and is an excellent way of initiating sexting. Also, know that sexting can be a bit miscommunicating because there is a physical gap at the end of the day. Sometimes, when you are away and your brain is already occupied with tons of thoughts, you may not feel like putting effort into sexting. But as it’s on text, it’s easy to conceal and hide your emotions. Partners tend to do it for their partner’s sake sometimes. It can affect your relationship. So, if your partner is not in the mood now, try to understand and do it later.

Ask the ‘comfortable question’ post sexting

Caring is always a plus if you are in an emotionally intimate relationship. Also, when you have just started sexting with your partner or whenever you add any new stage to it, ask them if they are comfortable once you guys are done. The question “I hope I didn’t make you feel uncomfortable?” is comforting. It is not just being humble but also showing that you care about them apart from the sexual stuff. Emotionally sensitive people usually need these gestures as a sign of reassurance. Also, it can help you know what to do and what not to do next time you both get intimate again.


Sexting is an underrated sexual experience that can help to keep your relationship connected under different circumstances. It can boost intimacy, make you physically comfortable and open to your partner and bring you closer to each other. Like any other thing, sexting includes a guide of do’s and dont’s . Herein is your ultimate guide to rock your next sexting session and keep your physical intimacy intact in the relationship aptly, even with the distance.

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