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Sakshi Shree explains the Benefits of Spirituality for Men

Men are always busy building a safe space and peace for their families through various means including emotions and finances. But they often overlook their mental peace and inner well being which affects their personal and professional lives. The pandemic was a pause button for the world that gave a good opportunity to men to not only consider but also to reflect on the need for their inner and outer protection. And Spirituality turned out to be a preferred choice for men to rediscover the nuances of their line of life and redefine their lives according to the story of their hearts.

The latest episode of Best For Him Podcast invited Sakshi Shree, a new-age spiritual mentor who shared deep insights on the benefits of spirituality for men in conversation with Bhawana, the anchor of the show.

While every individual has their own understanding of spirituality, Sakshi Shree explains, “Spirituality simply means learning to be with your own self and learning to know your own self”. He adds that spirituality is a means to learn to see things as it is without any prior judgment because until and unless you throw your judgments away, you will not be able to see or understand anything in life.

Sakshi Shree teaches a simple method to learn the art of witnessing. “You have to sit down for 10 minutes with closed eyes and start witnessing and observing your thoughts without being judgemental about them”, he explains.

He further says that spirituality was quite helpful during the lockdown because there was no contact with the outside world, therefore, the energy created via different means including yoga, chanting mantra or meditation stayed inside our body instead of going out in the world.

While it is not only for old age or middle-aged men, Sakshi Shree shares that spirituality is also beneficial for the younger generation who are a lot more ambitious than previous generations. He suggests that the younger generation needs to practice expansion of their consciousness through meditation which also leads to an increase in intelligence and memory.

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