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Reaching Heights with Knee High Socks for Men

Knee High Socks for Men

Knee high socks for men are a timeless classic accessory and they have been ruling the fashion world forever. Besides, its practicality and functionality are an added bonus for every man.

The comfort and versatility knee high socks offer will get you through all the days, whether it is the fun casual outings or the formal suited-up version of yours. So, here we have compiled a list of top ten knee high socks for men that can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Without a delay, explore the world of knee high socks for men.

Advantages of  Knee High Socks for Men

Knee high socks for men give you a range of benefits, making them a better option than the ankle or crew socks.

Relief from pain

Knee high socks cover a great part of your legs, and the compression offered by them can relieve you from pain.

Protection from harmful UV rays

If you enjoy outdoor life, you know the impacts of harmful UV rays very well. Therefore, wearing knee-high socks for men can be the perfect option for keeping the UV rays away.

Keep the bugs away

Bugs are a mess for men with an active lifestyle. Whether it is the outdoor parks or the trekking, bugs do a lot of damage. With the knee-high socks, bugs will no longer be your concern.

Elevate your style

Gone are the days when knee high socks were associated with particular professions. They are quite trendy and versatile and can be paired with your modern wardrobe.

Supports knee and joints

Knee high compression socks support your joints. And it can help you manage your outdoor activities.

Versatility of knee high socks for men

Knee high socks for men are everything you need, whether it is in a formal setting or on a casual day out. Their versatility has been the driving force behind their popularity among men.

In a formal setting, pairing knee high socks with your suit or pants will give you a confident bonus. Besides, you have the advantage of free movement. It is quite informal to have your skin peeking from your ankles in your professional attire. Thus, knee-length socks for men are a good substitute for your casual short length socks.

In a casual setting, knee length socks for men add variety and texture to your outfit. One can pair shorts with knee high socks of desired pattern and colour to create a versatile laid back design.

Top 10 knee high socks for men

These 10 knee high socks for men will help you elevate your comfort and fashion.

1. Bunyan Over-the-Calf Full-Cushion Work Socks

Knee High Socks for Men

Darn tough’s full cushion socks are knitted with excellent Merino wool, nylon, and lycra. The materials give your socks the most versatile comfort for all seasons. It keeps you warm in the winter. Also, in summer, it keeps the sweat off your feet to regulate the temperature.

2. Adidas - Team Speed 3 Soccer Socks

Knee High Socks for Men

These lightweight soccer socks have a durable construction. Besides, the mesh lining adds a touch of breathability. Also, the ankle compression gives additional support to your feet.

3. Nike Academy Over-the-Calf football socks

Knee High Socks for Men

Nike's socks have a blend of nylon and elastane, giving you a snug fit. And the DRI-FIT fabrics keep the sweatiness to a minimum. Also, these premium men's socks have reinforced stitching to give strength to the damage prone areas.

4. Smartwool Ski Full Cushion Camo Over The Calf Socks

Knee High Socks for Men

Smartwool socks are one of the best winter socks. The combined fibers of Merino wool, nylon, and elastane make them the perfect winter socks. Also, their thick, warm socks are provided with full cushioning. 

5. Sock Republic Anchor Socks

Knee High Socks for Men

Socks republic offers one of the best range of fun sock options. Also, the use of hand stitching gives a seamless finish. An added quality of antibacterial fabric prevents the risk of blisters and rashes on feet.

6. Celersport Baseball Socks for Men 

Knee High Socks for Men

These baseball socks come with a double welt top to provide extra strong hold. Also, the polyester fibre is lighter and gives adequate breathable nature to the socks.

7. IZL Waterproof Socks

Knee High Socks for Men

These socks have a waterproof nature and are perfect as hiking socks. Also, the eight layered Merino wool gives you the necessary warmth for the cold winters.

8. Chalktalk Sports Custom Number Socks

Knee High Socks for Men

Custom number socks are a matter of pride for athletes. And this brand allows you to flaunt yourself in the athleisure. Also, these athletic socks have durable soles to give you firm grip during all activities. 

9. Sockwell Compression Socks 

Knee High Socks for Men

Compression work socks are a boon for every man facing issues with pains and other issues. They take care of the blood flow and keep your feet from swelling and give higher recovery in a short period of time. Whether it is for athletics or work, compression socks suit all needs.

10. Feetures Knee High Cushion Socks

Knee High Socks for Men

Feetures cushion socks offer the perfect density for your feet. It allows your feet to comfortably snug in without any extra pressure. Also, its seamless design eliminates the toe discomfort. 

How to Style Knee High Socks for Men

With a classy suit

Knee high socks for men pair well with suits to create the glory of formalism. Coordinate the suit’s colour with the socks pattern and colour. 

With your casual shorts

Casual wear can be made more versatile and colourful with the aid of knee high socks for men. Opt for socks with varied patterns and colours to break down the monotony of your casual wear and add a variation.

The Jean combo

Who said you can't add socks to your regular jeans and t-shirt? Adult knee high socks for men that don't need you to worry about the slippage are a great comfort option for anyone.

Common Concerns and Solutions

Breathability issues

Usually men wearing knee high socks have concerns of fabric breathability. Especially, in the warmer seasons socks seem more of a liability than a comfort wear. The best way to deal with the situation is to opt for light fabrics such as cotton or Merino wool for breathability.

Sagging fabrics

Socks usually tend to say over time. And it is one of the most uncomfortable situations for men. To avoid sagging issues, opt for knee high socks for men with a perfect blend of elastic.

Non matching outfit

Sometimes, opting for the wrong socks with your outfit can make it become completely imbalanced. If you are unsure of the right match, the classic rule is to go with solid coloured socks such as black or grey. 

Improper footwear

A mismatch of socks and the footwear will be the worst way to ruin your fit. Although knee high socks go well with all kinds of footwear, the loafers to shoes, it is necessary to create a seamless fit and balance all the elements of your outfit.


Knee high socks are the perfect blend of comfort, fashion, and versatility. One can pair them up with the suit gear or with your regular shorts or jeans to add an element of texture and variety. 

Knee high socks for men are a great way to overcome discomforts of harmful UV rays, the pollutants, and other harsh elements.

Some of the best knee high socks for men include Adidas - Team Speed 3 Soccer Socks, Bunyan Over-the-Calf Full-Cushion Work Socks, and Sockwell compression socks. We hope the article helps you find your perfect sock pair that elevates your comfort and style.

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