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Prostate ? Is that even an organ

Most men dont know it but every man has been given this unique gland called the prostate.

Prostate is our main gland that produces most of the semen in men. It is also a reason for prostate enlargement, infection and one of the most common cancers in men.

The prostate is situated just below the bladder and surrounds the passage of urine in men.

Once the size of the prostate grows inwards it causes a compression on the urinary pipe called the urethra. This can lead to symptoms like difficulty in passing urine straining to pass urine, getting up many times to go to the washroom, a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, dripping of urine after the passage of urine, and troubles in starting to white. The bladder Eventually gets tired to pass urine and many patients would then develop inability to pass urine at all. This condition is called acute retention of urine and requires a catheter or pipe to be placed in the bladder to be able to empty it.

Since the prostate cannot be seen due to its interior location most men don’t know about this important organ.

The prostate produces a major part of the semen that helps the sperms to function, and this is produced by 500-1000 complex caves of glands. Once bacteria or viruses enter the gland they will have ample places to hide and thus prostatic infection is usually a long term problem to have and manage.

Typically till the age of 50 years the prostate does not cause any trouble but it can become a seat of infection, benign or non cancerous enlargement and even cancer.

Here’s what men should know about the prostate gland

  1. Prostate is normally 18-20 grams walnut shaped gland

  2. Prostate size can increase due to prostatitis, Benign enlargement called BPH as well as Prostate Cancer

  3. Prostate infection typically happens in younger patients

  4. Prostate enlargement due to BPH or Cancer usually affect only men beyond 55 years of age

  5. Timely treatment for prostate enlargement can prevent surgery

  6. Growth of prostate is governed by your genes but diet rich in fats and junk can definitely also contribute

Lastly lets talk about how to keep the prostate healthy

  1. Give importance to urinary urges. Don’t postpone them or strain too much to try to pass urine quickly

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