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Problems men face while quitting smoking

Congratulations if you are here because you are in the quitting smoking phase or thinking about it. We all know that “smoking is injurious to health”. But once this habit begins, it’s not easy to stop. Quitting smoking is not going to be a smooth road at all. You’ll have your fair share of problems once you start the process. Our body reacts according to what we deliver to it. It reacts when we stop providing it the portion of nicotine it was getting earlier which gives us small hits of dopamine. The path of quitting is correct but a difficult one..

Some men freak out after experiencing the post-quitting symptoms. You can’t expect to walk out of any habit without facing difficulty. One should be prepared for the upcoming challenges while quitting. Do not keep your expectations high. It’s normal to have issues while quitting. It’s obvious and inevitable.

Here are some issues men face while quitting and how to deal with it.

Symptoms while quitting smoking

Cravings – It is obvious to crave for your cigarette sessions during the quitting process. You might want to go and take a puff but here is where you need to tell yourself why you want to quit. If you smoke a lot, you can start with reducing the intensity instead of trying to quit in one go, which in turn can be impossible at times.

Restlessness- Anything addictive releases the happy hormone called, “dopamine” in our body. Nicotine in cigarettes have a psychological effect too. It makes you believe that you are getting rid of stress as Nicotine works as an antidepressant in our body. Restricting its consumption suddenly can make you feel restless and anxious. there might even be times where you might feel depressed. You may also feel difficulty in sleeping or concentrating. Meditation and deep breathing exercises can help you through it. Also, reminding yourself by looking in the mirror as to why you started to quit can help loads.

Mood swings – You may feel irritated, anxious or even depressed at some points. The reason is exactly the same as the one that causes you restlessness. Try to find distractions that make you feel happy. This will eliminate your urge to smoke. replacing a habit, or a hobby during the times you used to smoke might help your mind to shift from the habit of smoking. Have some “me” time. Just don’t panic as it is normal to feel this. It’ll pass soon enough.

Increases appetite and weight gain – The withdrawal process can be stressful. Stress eating is very common during this process. It lifts up your mood a bit in the short run. But eventually you’ll feel bad again in the long run. This cycle results in weight gain. You can try eating fruits or something healthy till this feeling passes away.

It is to be noted that there will also be times when you will have no appetite whatsoever and eat out of compulsion. Going out on walks or meeting people might help.

How can you cope up with these symptoms?

Don’t panic and accept that having these symptoms when you try to quit smoking is very normal. You are on a good path and good things take time. Here are some tips to cope up with these symptoms.

  1. Make a routine – You should have a proper routine and hobbies to replace with your smoking time.

  2. Kick start your day by taking a shower , then having something hot to drink with your breakfast like tea or coffee.

  3. Avoid sitting at your smoking area and avoid hanging out with your mates when they are smoking.

  4. Take a walk

  5. Do exercise

  6. Have warm milk or water before going to bed.

  7. Find new ways for “me time” – Me time can help to get rid of all the stress piling up on your head. Make sure you take out some time for yourself. You can invest in a hobby that interests you or just relax and binge watch.

  8. Drink water, deep breath and distract – Whenever you get the urge, just distract yourself and it will pass soon. Increase your water drinking capacity and lastly, try taking deeper breaths in times of anxiety and stress.


It is not easy to quit a habit, especially as addictive as smoking. You’ll have to go through the post effects. But always remember why it is important for you to quit and what made you take that decision. The path can be difficult but it’s the right one. With patience and determination, you can surely achieve your goal. We are here to help you through it with the tips given above!

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