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Passing the position control can be a sexual extravaganza

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

For any man, sex with his love of life creates a range of emotions, physical dynamics, and arousal that is truly beyond passionate and demonstrates his interest in her. It is a feeling like no other. And for this, it is necessary to be bold to break the shackles and be a bit adventurous to create an extravaganza that you and your partner can embrace within yourselves.

Being willing to tread the unknown and pass the otherwise established control will allow you to surprise your girlfriend positively. Sticking to a particular posture that worked previously with your partner provides no guarantee that it will auger well the following time.

Well! Well! It is time to reflect upon your bedroom tactics if even a tiny portion of your mind goes "Uff! Not again in the same old position" amid sex with your lady.

Why is it important for you to pass the self-imposed position control?

Often when you make love with your spouse, you may become fixated on something specific, which you then carry out from start to finish. But the same might not auger well always when your desires from sex with your partner do not fall in line with the existing control, often position-wise. When this happens you are most likely to have the urge to express your desire to experiment to buoy up your sexual connection with your partner. Passing the existing control is indeed important if you want to up your game and create a sexual extravaganza like no other. The following are key reasons why it is necessary to pass the position control:

  • To spice up your sex life:

Instead of viewing sex as a one-and-done proposition, surprising your partner by trying out or combining more sex positions during your sexual encounter allows you to add more pleasure, make you stay longer in bed, or spice up your sex life.

Remember that sex with your partner is all about sparking passion and fire between the covers. When you move beyond the self-imposed position and start to explore a bit more, you will indirectly enhance the odds of reaching orgasm.

  • To 'feel' the difference:

Different sex positions call for different intensities of stimulation of the vagina by the penis and thus an unbound feeling of pleasure. Therefore, this might mean you and your partner may feel different emotions because of the sensitivities that come with it.

What happens is that, at different sex positions, your penis penetrates at varied angles and depths by stimulating different areas of the vagina, with varying intensity and different zones. The feelings of a woman in different positions will be different because the inner surface of the vagina is dirty (has variable sensitivities).

  • To indirectly enhance trust:

New sexual postures will not only add to your pleasure but also work wonders to encourage vulnerability in and beyond the bedroom. Finally, your connection will be infused with an extra dosage of trust.

Through new moves to your intimacy, you will end up enhancing trust and comfort because it will make you and your partner more inclined to be vulnerable, sexually exploratory, and genuine about your desires and needs in the bedroom.

  • To rejuvenate the fading sexual connection:

You and your partner will eventually lose interest in sex when it is about playing around with the same sex position time and time again. Opening up with your partner or surprising her by maneuvering in a different position is a way to inject some novelty and newness into our sexual life.

How can you break the shackles?

Breaking the shackles when it comes to sex isn't always straightforward. It takes the following to ensure you make her understand your desire to pass the control:

  • Communicate properly:

Clear-cut communication with your partner is the need of the hour. You must take the initiative to initiate a discussion with your partner about your desires. It can be something like: Whether you want to try new positions or spice it up a bit more rather than sticking to the same old routine, what lies ahead is a candid yet sympathetic discussion.

Communicate your sexual desires and interests in a way that your partner will understand you. Tell her what you like and dislike. Ask her things like: What is her take on exploring a bit more during sex? Are you willing to try something new? What are you unable to do? Do you always want me to stick to the same position during sex?

But remember that you can make your request to her only after you've asked her about what she is looking for. Only you ask your girl what she wants, you create a safe environment for both of you to be open and honest about your interests and fantasies. This entails experimenting with new ideas and determining what works and what does not.

  • The right time! The right place!

Bringing up this topic when you are in the midst of a casual pillow discussion is a more holistic approach. You're sleeping next to each other, sweat dripping from your shivering bodies, and you ask her, "What would you like me to do the next time?" This should start a discussion regarding preferences, during which you will also have the option to share your hobbies.

The more transparent you are about your desires, the more at ease she will feel. Ask for specifics if she offers something: when and for how long are good places to start? Soon, she'll be detailing in vivid detail exactly what she wants you to do to her.

How do you react if she doesn't respond immediately?

Suppose you find that your partner turns super defensive or not receptive to what you’ve said to her even if you’ve expressed it correctly. Now you should softly approach her and show her that you understand that she seems to be unable to discuss this right now. Discuss it again with her over the weekend, over a moonlight dinner somewhere. That way, you're respecting your spouse while also allowing the talk to slip you by.

It is easier to try to keep on nagging about it when your partner doesn’t respond right away. But when you do so, it can hamper the whole sexual connection. GIVE HER THE TIME SHE NEEDS.

Try to check in every now and then to see if there's anything else you could be doing to make her happy. Allow her to process it thoroughly and make sure you give her ample time. Maybe she's truly content, but it's more probable that she's working up the courage to tell you about her sexual preferences or something like that.


Men need to understand that every woman and their sexuality is itself a unique novel that you must comprehend. We as men, can experience orgasm in any sex position because, at any position, the penis head is sufficiently stimulated. But that is just not the case with women. If you want to fulfill your girl regularly, you must grasp how to arouse her better during sex. How do you know all of this? Only if you experiment a little! But that comes with expressing your desires and making your girl understand it so that it turns out to be a sexual extravaganza.

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