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Opening Up About Cosmetic Procedures-Why Is It A Challenge For Men?

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Cosmetic surgeries and plastic surgeries have so far been associated with the image of women. Whether it is for their beautification purposes or professional work, women have always opted out for cosmetic treatments as their go-to choice. But now as the trends are taking a sharp turn, cosmetic procedures have also not kept themselves limited to a particular gender; men too are looking for cosmetic procedures to enhance their looks.

Reasons why men go for cosmetic procedures

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While people may think that only women opt for such procedures and changes, there lies an unknown fact to this side of perception; that is more than women, it is the male population that prefers cosmetic procedures over themselves. A report by a famous cosmetic surgeon, stated that a major population of men in America apply cosmetic procedures on their faces or use filters for improved appearances.

Men are very particular when it comes to their looks and appearances. They want to look perfect in front of the people around them-especially women. Many men go in favor of such procedures because they feel that undergoing such surgeries may boost their public image and self-confidence. Some common cosmetic surgery options for men include-

  • Eyelid rejuvenation

Eyelid rejuvenation or blepharoplasty is the removal of the excess fatty skin from over the upper eyelids under local anesthetic. This accumulation of extra skin occurs due to factors such as aging or any other underlying problems. This procedure provides a more enhanced look to the person’s face.

  • Neck lift

A neck lift or neck rejuvenation refers to the removal of extra skin from the jawline or the neck area. Getting the neck lifted creates a more defined and youthful look to the man’s appearance. But one must know that neck lifts cannot stop the aging process.

  • Chin augmentation

A chin augmentation refers to the upliftment or improvement of the bone contour of the chin area. This is usually accomplished by the placement of a fitted implant directly on the bone of the chin, just below the skin. This procedure is usually preferred to augment an under-projected chin.

  • Gynecomastia(male breast reduction)

This is a very common procedure preferred by men. This happens when a lot of tissues accumulate in the male breast area that many men may feel the need to be removed through surgical procedures. Removing excessive fatty tissue using a surgical knife through liposuction or a combination of both can help attain breast reduction in men.

There are many other cosmetic procedures that men may opt for, but the aforementioned ones are some most preferred options that they go for.

Although open to men as well, cosmetic procedures for this gender have not gained much support and recognition from society and many may still struggle to mark their identities in a gender-biased environment. This article will talk in detail about the challenges that men face who have undergone cosmetic procedures before

Challenges Faced by Men in Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

man depressed after challenge of cosmetic surgery

  • Preconceptions of the society

Since time immemorial, society has stigmatized men and the concept of cosmetic surgeries revolving around them. It has always seen women as a product of such activities and criticized men who have decided to go down this path. Gender stereotypes have also pressured men to conform to a particular image of a man, to maintain their masculinity, and are considered as ‘womanly’ who have opted for aesthetic surgery.

  • Lack of awareness and education about the concept

Men may not have much knowledge about cosmetic procedures and may sometimes go in the wrong direction. And once a wrong decision is taken, it may even lead to some bizarre consequences. This lack of awareness may also arise from the limited representation by the media. Media has always highlighted women going for such procedures; thus posing challenges for men to carve their niche and becoming role models for others.

  • Financial Considerations

Complex procedures such as plastic and cosmetic surgeries are financially draining and may not suit the budget of many. Someone who has been planning for cosmetic procedures may require systematic and detailed budgeting before consulting someone.

  • Emotional conflicts

Several questions might come to the mind of a man who wants to undergo cosmetic procedures, and they can emotionally exhaust them to the core. Fear of being judged by others, worrying about self-image, or being anxious about the pain that these procedures involve may emotionally challenge a man.

  • The quest for the right surgeon

Not every plastic or cosmetic surgeon is skilled enough to perform these techniques on men. Finding the right surgeon is necessary from a safety perspective. A person must read the doctor’s reviews and gain details before consulting a surgeon.

  • Delayed recovery

Cosmetic surgeries sometimes take a long time for recovery and one needs to be patient before opting for such procedures. In this delayed period while recovering, men may find it difficult to manage and juggle between their work and other chores.

  • Post-surgery support

Not every man gets the support he is entitled to from society. Getting post-surgery support may be difficult for men where they are empathized with and understood for their experiences. This is the biggest challenge for a man who has undergone cosmetic surgery.

  • Fear of Pain or Complications

Men may fear the potential risks that revolve around cosmetic procedures. Being afraid of the pain and the complications involved can be a deterrent for men as they may be more hesitant to take up physical discomfort or risks.

  • Confidentiality and Privacy

Many individuals are concerned about maintaining their privacy after undergoing cosmetic procedures, especially if they hold high-profile recognitions or are renowned personalities.


As times change, an individual needs to adapt themselves to the flow of trends. On one end, where women are open to go ahead with their choices freely and amend changes in their body, men should not also be restricted in their choices just because society accepts them in a certain way. Every person is unique and so are his preferences, and these challenges must not become a burden on a man to deviate from his goals and desires. There is a need for an open society where men are given the freedom to express their desires openly and are given the chance to communicate effectively with others; an environment where they are not judged or criticized for their choices.

Written By - Chirajita Gupta

Edited By - Bhagwat Jha

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