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No hush-hush about the Sex Toys for Men

Vibrators, dildos, plugs, and more! Female sex toys are available in wide range in the market under multiple coveted names like eye massagers, personal massagers, and lifestyle product to name a few and takes the intimate moments to another level. Like an oasis in desert, adult toys are a bliss but what about sex toys for men? Do we even know anything about it?

Before writing up this article we also belonged to the same alien club. But thanks to Google that has gazillions of info, and our rigorous research method, we learnt a lot about sex toys for men! (We proudly admit the learning aspect because it’s never too late to learn, right?)

When we looked out for our answers regarding it and how it helps men to have a memorable time, our perspective changed.

Sex is the fuel of life and its continuation. And men who are mostly mistaken as someone only looking for missionary sex, want to have good moments too (yes, we hear you and are here for for you) apart from taking the usual to and fro motion.

For times like those and to understand their needs and requirement, and above all to meet them well, the market of sex toys for men are expanding. It no longer is just for the women’s pleasure with hush-hush but caters to the men’s needs too.

According to several researches, the *global market of men’s toys is estimated to reach USD 31,699 Mn by the end of 2029. Back in 2019 the market was valued at USD 15,380 Mn and this rise only hints towards the awareness that is setting in slowly.

You might be baffled by what awareness we are talking about!

It is knowing about one’s body. Understanding how the world of sex toys can help you achieve certain needs in a better way and how sex can no more be taboo.

To impart the same knowledge that we received when we did our research, we are penning down this article. There’s no giggling, no hush-hush in talking about sex toys for men. We believe how these adult toys have changed the world of female orgasm, male ecstasy will also be viewed from a different angle.

Men’s sex toy ranges from anal plugs to cockrings. Pumps, sleeves and more are some of the other toys that are available in the market (in a secretive way under camouflaging names).

The common factor?

All of them help the men to have a good time which in a regulated amount leads to a healthy life.

You must be wondering what are the benefits of these adult toys! To start with their impact on sex life, these toys help in keeping the erection for a longer duration. Hence, delaying the ejaculation timeline, which not only ultimately gives you more pleasure but also makes your partner happy.

If you are a giver in bed then many toys come with small vibrators on them. If your partner is a female, it plays an important role in her orgasm journey by giving both clitorial as well as vaginal stimulation. This comes handy if you are relying on rings that are curated for the pleasure of both you and your partner.

Pumps are another one of this range that aids the erectile dysfunction to a certain extent and helps the man to achieve the initial stimulus leading to a proper erection in a short span of time.

Apart from the sexual benefits, sex toys for men also help in fighting off stress and loneliness. Whether you have a partner or not, when these adult toys come handy, you feel relaxed by putting them in use. Moreover, it also helps you to understand your soft points which you can convey to your partner and bring more intensity in the bedroom.

To summarise, adult toys are of great help that focus on bringing joy to your bedroom. The wide range of them only encourages you to explore more and find the best suit for yourself, along with pleasing your partner. When things go south, sex toys help in relaxing it with minimum effort.


Sex toys find their existence since ancient time. Cockring was extracted during an archaeological excavation that dates back to 2000 years, probably. Our point is sex toys are of great help and though many men are repulsed by the idea of it, they need to open their mind about it. So, don’t wrinkle your nose by the mention of adult toys but explore.

While choosing a toy that you can bring to your bed, always be aware of your allergies. As most of the sex toys for men are made up of latex or some porous material, take extra care of them by going through its care tips. And happy times!


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