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New year resolution to get in touch with manhood

Another year has passed, and only fools believe they did everything correctly. In fact, the best men are those who can reflect on a successful new year and identify ways to improve for the next. Even if we hadn’t conceptualised at least a portion of this story in the parking lot of a strip club at 4:30 a.m. on a Tuesday while muttering to ourselves, “Well, this is happening,” we’d still be planning personal improvements for the New Year. Following a reflective ride home and many a misplaced dollar bill, choose a new year resolution from this list that every good man should make for 2023:

Maintain a journal. Make a list of everything

A journal, indeed. A physical, paper journal. Write down your thoughts, make a daily to-do list, set reminders, and even express your emotions. These are critical considerations. Computers become infected with viruses, technology becomes obsolete, and shit happens. However, paper lasts forever. Keep your story, whatever it is, safe. One of the best new year resolution to start your year strong.

Purchase long-lasting clothing and tools

In the coming year, strive to be a man of quality rather than quantity. Support and stand by companies that make good products. Whether you’re purchasing tools, wristwatches, or socks, make sure they’re made by companies that value quality and build and manufacture their products to last.

Take a break for a while

We live in a beautiful world, but you’d never know it if you only looked at it through the lens of your TV or Facebook. Turn off your phone, disconnect from the Internet, and get outside. Take a walk, read a book, gaze at the clouds—do whatever you want. Simply take your gaze away from the screen and into the world around you. One of the quintessential of a mew year resolution to make on a fresh year.

Make a healthy choice

Go get that gym membership you keep mentioning. Pick up those kettlebells. Try on a standing desk to see how it fits. Be happy and get healthy in the New Year, because you did nothing about it last year. Make this the year you say good-by to your dad bod.

Eat out less often. Cook More Natural Food

We understand—you work extremely hard, and fast food is a quick, convenient, and generally inexpensive way to feed yourself. But it’s also a great way to stuff your body with unhealthy junk. Cooking real food takes time, effort, and skill, but it will make you a better, healthier man. Plus, ladies adore it—trust us on that. It is a new year resolution that will chnage your life for the better.

Discover a New Trade or Skill

We live in a world where the workforce is being steadily reduced and eventually replaced entirely by technology. Drones deliver our packages, and robotic arms build our self-driving and parking cars. Discover how to work with wood and metal. Take a welding class. Learning to work with your hands provides you with an invaluable skill while also providing you with a fresh perspective on everything around you. When you consider the amount of manpower, physical labour, and specialised skills that went into building a large city, it takes on a whole new meaning.

More books should be read. Nonfiction is preferable

Reading real, physical books stimulates your brain more than surfing the web or watching television. For you, the New Year should be all about maintaining a healthy body and mind, and books are the best way to accomplish that goal.

However, why nonfiction? Because nonfiction books tell true stories about real people. Nonfiction books will teach you new things and motivate you to become a better man. We recommend starting with A Moveable Feast, Goodbye to All That, and Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of Mass Media.

Go Somewhere Different

Everyone wants to visit a new place. It’s a simple resolution, but one of the most difficult to keep. Traveling is often expensive, and going somewhere new and unfamiliar can be a terrifying experience. Apart from seeing how other people live or seeing a new part of our world’s great landscape, you’ll learn more about yourself than you would in your office, at home, or anywhere else.

Check an item off your bucket list

Life is incredibly finite, and at the rate we’re moving through it, it’s best to live with the mindset that today could be our last. That being said, don’t put off doing something you want to do. Make a bucket list and make sure to check something off of it this year. You never know what tomorrow has in store for you, so live each day as if it were your last, because it very well could be.

More sleep

You’re not getting enough sleep. Go to bed. Then, when you believe you’ve had enough sleep, go take a nap. You require rest. It will be the most life changing new year resolution you ever take.

More money should be saved

It’s so easy to spend all of your money on expensive jewellery, designer clothing, bad tattoos, and delicious food. This year, be more conscious of your spending and try to save a little money. Saving $50 per week for a year will give you over $2,500 in savings to do whatever you want with.

Monitor the stock market

In fact, keep an eye on the stock market. The world’s most brilliant men don’t just save money; they invest it in causes they care about. Begin following analysts and reading investor news now so you know how to invest that extra $2,500 properly next year. Because do you know what’s better than money? Having more cash.

Produce more and better work

Stop working for the sake of working and start working to improve. When you’re gone, the only thing this world will remember you for is the work you left behind while you were here. Working for a living is pointless, especially since you can’t take it with you when you die. But what about working for a legacy? That’s the deal.

Things aren’t as simple as black and white. Stop treating them that way

Certain predispositions are known to exist in humans. It’s either this way or that; this path or that. But, as the great Benjamin Franklin once said, there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. Life isn’t a coin toss, so stop treating it like one. Always seek out the less travelled path, and don’t be afraid to forge your own path. Have a Happy New Year!

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