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Nappa ‘Story’

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Weaving Magic Through Leather, Gautam Sinha Reminiscing The Innate Beauty Of Indian Tradition

We live in a world where fashion has blossomed quite like anything over the years. While the modern world is blessed with designers who work magic with their minds and hands to produce eye-catching and crafty items, there are very few who have an innate ability to weave stories through their creations quite like Gautam Sinha.

Sinha, a NIFT graduate, was really the only one who understood the true essence of the grassroots laid out by traditional designs and came up with the idea of fusing traditional Indian designs with contemporary conceptions. The brand Nappa Dori, founded by Sinha, is synonymous with timelessness, workmanship, and a flawless fusion of traditional and modern design. Nappa Dori began as a little studio in the Delhi neighborhood of Hauz Khas but has grown so much that it is today recognized as a brand that has gone on to encompass seven locations throughout India, including one destination store on a Maldivian resort island.

Get to know about Gautam Sinha’s journey and the success of Nappa Dori from the valuable insights that we managed to gather when we touched down with him.

Beginning Of Sinha’s Journey

Sinha had an inherent passion for design and the passion soon turned into a drive to come up with authentic designs and translate them into high-quality finished products. His words “When the intent is genuine, everything just falls in place” show how concrete his passion for designing was. However, what is interesting is that working with leather was never in his initial plans and it just so happened that he stumbled upon an opportunity to make some money by creating some leather belts for a Danish firm that was looking to sell accessories in India. Due to its versatility, leather has a history of being used by men in a wide range of elements and practices since they first became aware of it. So picking leather as a medium to introduce his brand was the obvious idea that sprung into his mind. In fact. the name Nappa Dori, which translates to "Leather and Thread," is the two primary materials that Gautam employs as the inspiration for his brand’s designs.

Sinha knew he couldn't afford the luxury of being overly eccentric or quirky when the business was just starting out. He understood that he was spending his meager funds on the business, highlighting the significance of concentrating on a successful return on investment. He nevertheless managed to inject a new lease of life into the creative process despite his methodical approach, which is arguably the best part about him that stands out. A picture-perfect illustration of this is the company's lighthearted ode to nostalgia for childhood found in its brightly colored metal trunks, the lid of which was made from leftover rejects.

DNA Of Nappa Dori

Unlike typical fashion brands, Nappa Dori focuses on timeless designs that transcend the trend timeline. The entire DNA of the brand is based on designing products with timeless classic designs that align perfectly with Sinha’s envisaging. Sinha’s words “Our brand crafts pieces that have character and tell a story” are a reflection of the true DNA of the brand. Every handcrafted accessory made at Nappa Dori is a true expression of exquisite personality.

Nappa Dori’s finely constructed bags, luggage, stationery, trunks, and accessories embody a traditional design with a purely Indian origin and yet have a unique appeal that makes them attractive purchases for global audiences as well. In particular, laptop bags made at Nappa Dori in specific include designs drawn from India’s rich culture and historical sites, which were inspired by the Maharajas of the British Raj and thus carry a distinct personality that you would not see elsewhere.

Standing Out In A Positive Way

Nappa Dori Cafe

In a world where men's fashion frequently treads familiar ground, Nappa Dori distinguishes out by pushing the boundaries on a more positive forefront. The brand is super committed to defying design stereotypes. Nappa Dori makes unique, timeless designs that resonate with the modern man who embraces both the traditional and the offbeat.

Sustainability is something that has emerged as a major topic of debate in the fashion industry, and Nappa Dori always has an eye on this issue. Nappa Dori works towards leaving a positive impact through timeless designs, small-batch manufacture, and careful material selection to reduce environmental effects.

Challenges Faced Enroute To Success

Finding a niche in the cutthroat fashion and accessory market was one of Nappa Dori's most difficult challenges just like any new budding brand and the challenge was embraced by Gautam Sinha. Sinha was aware that his brand needed to set itself apart from established rivals and carve out a niche for its distinctive fusion of tradition and contemporary.

This was where clarity in thinking really came into play and it helped that Sinha was conscious that the world of production and manufacturing would feel like a confusing maze for any budding entrepreneur. You can understand that he was clear about the outlook of his business from his words “In every bootstrapped business it's a challenge to balance your aspirations and desires with the reality of making things that are both creative and commercially viable”. Every stage of manufacturing requires meticulous attention, from guaranteeing constant workmanship quality to fulfilling deadlines. It took a mix of hands-on involvement, building trusting relationships with knowledgeable craftspeople, and consistently improving production methods to satisfy the brand's high standards to overcome these problems.

Marketing Philosophy Of Nappa Dori

Nappa Dori's food

The marketing principle of Nappa Dori is refreshingly straightforward but powerful: let the goods speak for themselves. Sinha, in particular firmly believed in the ability of their inventions and used a variety of channels, including social media and word-of-mouth, to promote their exceptional goods. Nappa Dori's extraordinary products find their way into the hearts and hands of discerning customers via a variety of methods, including social media platforms and the age-old power of word-of-mouth. In an age of complex marketing campaigns, Nappa Dori's faith in the fundamental worth of their products stands as a powerful monument to the continuing fascination with exceptional craftsmanship.

Keeping Up With Men’s Trends

Nappa Dori's designs stand out in the realms of the men's fashion world through distinctive, classic pieces made for the contemporary guy who values both tradition and innovation. Through continual trials with materials like vegan leather and unique design production techniques, Sinha and Nappa Dori are actively indulged in creating designs that go with evergreen trends. Their foray into the design of accessories for evening attire is an intriguing foray into uncharted fashion waters.


Gautam Sinha's journey and the tale of Nappa Dori are examples of the strength of imagination, dedication, and everlasting enthusiasm. His brand, Nappa Dori, which sprouted out from a scooter garage in New Delhi's Hauz Khas Village, has grown so much that it is a well-renowned and respected brand now. The brand, which has a flagship location in London's Covent Garden, is on an opening frenzy and will launch stores in Dubai and Mumbai this month. It has come to be associated with sleek, understated leather trunks, purses, and other accessories. After just over 10 years, Gautam Sinha, the brand's creative visionary, undoubtedly has a success story to share with and inspire all of us.

Written By: Samuel Joshua V

Edited By: Chirajita Gupta

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