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Must-Have Smartphone Apps for Modern Men

Whether you possess an Android or iOS smartphone, it's evident that in today's digital age, smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. They offer a multitude of applications catering to various needs, from purchasing groceries and trying out new cuisines to discovering recipes and monitoring calorie intake. There are specific apps that every man should consider having on his smartphone, and if you're unfamiliar with them, take a moment to explore the following list.

Do you need a new shirt for an upcoming date? You can conveniently shop online using your smartphone. Feeling a bit restless while waiting at the doctor's office? How about engaging in a crossword puzzle on your phone? The possibilities are endless with the plethora of applications designed to assist men in various situations. Whether it's shopping, ordering food, watching a movie, or fulfilling any other requirement, these apps are here to lend a helping hand.

With this in mind, we've compiled a selection of essential apps that every man should have on his smartphone, regardless of the circumstances. Take a look below to learn more.

The New York Times

In the contemporary world, staying informed about global events and staying attuned to one's surroundings is of paramount importance. However, amidst the demands of personal and professional life, it can be challenging for a man to stay consistently updated. Fortunately, there's a solution: downloading the New York Times app on his smartphone. This app serves as a valuable resource for keeping abreast of significant news developments. One remarkable aspect of this app is its expansive coverage. It not only provides content from The New York Times itself but also aggregates articles from various other reputable publications. This comprehensive approach ensures that users can access a diverse range of news sources and stay well-informed about the world around them.


In the hustle and bustle of life, both at work and in relationships, men often find themselves immersed in high-stress situations that seem never-ending. This accumulated stress can take a toll on one's well-being and create a sense of overwhelming pressure. However, during such challenging moments, what becomes truly essential is the practice of meditation and mindfulness.

Through mindfulness, individuals can achieve a balanced lifestyle that encompasses proper sleep, adequate rest, and regular exercise. Incorporating a mindfulness app into your daily routine becomes an invaluable tool for maintaining overall health and well-being, especially in demanding times.


We comprehend the challenges of a busy life, where it's all too easy to forget your friend's birthday or even your own birthday celebration due to the overwhelming demands on your time. It's akin to the dilemma posed by the app Pocket, which essentially houses a vast portion of the internet—a treasure trove of content that's impossible to consume in one sitting.

Have you ever struggled to find a moment to read that article you've been meaning to get to all week? Well, Pocket comes to the rescue. It acts as a digital repository, storing all those captivating stories, videos, articles, and more until you find the time to indulge, even if you're offline. This app becomes your saving grace, especially during business flights when Wi-Fi is scarce, allowing you to stockpile and enjoy content at your leisure.


If you're one of those individuals who prioritize meal planning and calorie counting, then chances are you already have MyFitnessPal installed on your phone. This app has revolutionized the process of meal tracking, making it incredibly convenient for anyone, particularly men, who wish to monitor their dietary intake.

MyFitnessPal boasts an extensive and continuously expanding database, simplifying the task of recording your meals like never before. It's a powerful tool that streamlines the process of tracking your food consumption and nutritional intake.

Mod Man

Mod Man is the ultimate shopping app designed for the modern man who leads a hectic life and often lacks the time for personal shopping. If you aspire to maintain a stylish and fashionable appearance but find yourself uncertain about what to wear, then this app is your perfect solution.

Mod Man simplifies the process by allowing you to digitize your wardrobe. This means you can conveniently browse through your clothing collection and effortlessly identify the best outfit choices that suit your style and occasion.


Whether we're discussing health or fashion, it's evident that the apps mentioned above are indispensable for a busy man. They serve as valuable tools to simplify and enhance various aspects of life. Additionally, it's worth noting that the majority of these apps are available free of charge, requiring no payment for download and use.

Written by: Deepti Dogra

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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