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Men, Valentine & Chocolates

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Valentine’s Day has always been stereotyped by the brands and their marketing gimmicks where a guy is showcased gifting his partner chocolates or many other gifts. Indeed, with a variety of chocolates available in the market and a sweet product always associated with love becoming one of the few perfect gifting items on Valentine’s Day, why is this depiction of love the only way when it comes to chocolates?

Why does a girl never give her partner chocolates or any other product made of chocolate? Is there only one equation between men and chocolate or there is much more between them? In our brand new episode of Best for Him Podcast our anchor Bhawana Anand talks to Vimal Sharma, Founder- Director & CEO, Smoor Chocolates, a premium couverture chocolate brand in India, about the dynamics between chocolates and men.

Demystifying the myth that men rarely like chocolate, Vimal Sharma shares that there is a significant consumption of chocolates even by men in today’s time.

“Chocolate is all about celebration and love. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, chocolate definitely comes into the account as a gifting option. In recent times, I think chocolate has become our all time favorite for both genders- male & female. However, it depends on the taste”, explains Vimal.

There is no dearth in the variety of the chocolates available today in the market and men have their own preferences in this too. “Men probably consume a bigger bar of chocolates than females who prefer smaller bars”, clarifies Vimal.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Vimal admits that the demand for chocolates surges quite significantly where the customized chocolates scale the chart of the demand followed by the heart-shaped chocolates in order to signify the love on this occasion. Vimal shares that there is a trend of chocolate bouquets where couples give them as a replacement for flower bouquets.

While talking about the flavors, Vimal quotes that ‘dark chocolates, made up of a higher amount of cocoa, have a fair amount of demand from both genders- male and females’ as men and women like the tastes of dark chocolate. ‘Nonetheless, Indian consumers do like the milk chocolates too as they like the taste of milk’, adds Vimal.

Accounting for the benefits of chocolates for health, Vimal articulates, “Dark chocolates with a higher percentage of cocoa are considered healthy as it carries a lesser amount of sugar as the natural sweetness comes from coco i.e. considered as good fats. However, it should be eaten in moderation.” Smoor Chocolates that deals into luxury couverture chocolates adds a higher percentage of cocoa content in their chocolates.

Since there is a huge variety of chocolates available in the market, Vimal recommends gifting premium dark chocolates to the couple for its health benefits. Smoor Chocolates is offering premium heart-shaped chocolates that come in different flavors such as dark, real milk dark and many more. They come in limited edition heart-shaped tin boxes that can be kept later on as a memento of love.

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