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Men's Guide to Maintaining Long-Distance Friendships

Two friends smiling at each other

As children, we were always taken care of by the elders. And then came the golden age of friendships. Finding people of the same age stands out as a cherishing moment. And as the friendship develops, we begin to explore the world together. Indeed, friends become witnesses to the kind of life we have lived. Across the ages, as we move on to different places, leaving behind our old friends, we leave a part of ourselves with them. But is it really the only possible case where the bond depletes with time? It's not the truth!

A friendship is meant to be a soulful connection between two people. And no distance can break it. Yet it surely demands efforts from both ends. And if you are able to find a balanced equation for it, the bond of soulmates lasts forever. Keeping up these relationships shows emotional intelligence and adaptability, two crucial life qualities. They promote social ties and emotional resilience by fostering empathy and communication. These friendships serve as a timely reminder of the value of enduring bonds in today's fast-paced society. They provide a sense of community that transcends geographical separation, thereby improving mental and emotional health.

In this article, we put forward tips for you to maintain a balanced, distant friendship. Because it's never right for distance to be the end of a friendship.

7 Tips to Maintain Long-Distance Friendships.

Manage Your Time

A man looking at his watch while working

In a long-distance friendship, time becomes a major constraint. Maybe you are busy adapting to the new environment, or you are just caught up with the new life. Remember that long-distance friendships need a little more attention than your local friendships. As the chapters of time flip, don't make your friends become just a memory. So, take out time to contact them, at least every fortnight or once a month.

Social Media Shares

Two people standing looking at their phones in an office

With every human embracing social media, it's not that hard for our generation to keep in touch. It can be that a long call wouldn't be a possibility for you. Instead, you can just Snapchat with them or maybe send a reel that reminds you of them. It will be a matter of a few seconds, but it will undoubtedly keep you connected.

Deal With Patience

A disturbed man looking at his phone

If some of your friends are living abroad, then the differences in time zones impact the connections. Always remind yourself that they are still the same friends who love you. Don't allow the wait for replies to make you think negatively. This phrase applies if he is within the country too. One must acknowledge that, as we grow up, life has its own set of surprises. And we eventually get caught up in it. However, don't let this hamper the beautiful bonds of earlier life.

Become Pen Pals

A man smiling at his phone

Indeed, instant messaging has its own set of benefits. Yet nothing beats the intimacy of a letter. There may be a lot of things you enjoyed with friends when you lived nearby. As we move to distant places, it lessens the activities we can do together. Hence, becoming pen pals gives you space to open up with your friends and keep that closeness.

Keep them updated

 A man smiling at his phone while holding it

Just like when you were together, share the important events going on in your life. It will assist you in strengthening the bond. As local friends, they were able to live through all your vivid memories; sharing the adventures of life helps firm the bond in a long-distance friendship.

Plan A Trip

Three friends smiling and looking at a device

Whenever there is a possibility, explore the world with your people. A good trip may last for a few days, but its memories will surely last for years. Also, as much as the online time we spend together is great, nothing beats an actual tour with your friends. Additionally, it helps to rekindle the bond before going back to our solo lives.

Time To Reconnect

Men shaking hands

Last but not least, if there is someone you have parted with due to distance, then reconnect. As we go through time, we often don't realize the value of friends until we lose them. But when the realization hits, don't step back. Let not the awkwardness come in between the friendships. Just put on a call or a chat, and just go for it. It's fine if you are not able to keep up with the past. Do remember, you always have a choice if you want to get them back in your life.


Friendships are indeed mesmerizing. Having a person who has been through all the phases of your life is a graceful thing. During adulthood, a lot of occasions arise that pull us to different places, often in different corners of the world. However, don't let the distance hamper your bond. All one needs is a little extra effort and time from both ends to keep the friendship alive forever.

Written By: Sameena

Edited By: Chirajita Gupta

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