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Men Don’t Care ?

When it came to assembling a team for this venture “bestforhim”, I happened to call a very old friend of mine and explained her the entire situation of men’s health in the current scenario. I told her that men today have no one to talk to about their personal things and this lack of sharing combined with auto self-reliance has led to a debt downfall in the health of men overall.

She was amazed to know that men actually die five year younger than women because of reasons like stress higher risk jobs, substance abuse and social isolation. She said something very pertinent to this situation.

“men don’t care”

She was not referring to them being mean but to them being mean to themselves. Men over-rate themselves. They overburden themselves with their dreams and ambitions. Eventually they submit themselves to health issues and poor quality of life.

Men do care about their partner, their career, their family and their friends but they don’t care about one important thing that binds their world together, which is their own identity.

Men are selfless my friend. But men don’t care

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