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Men And Makeup: Beautifying Modern Era

Featured image Men and Makeup

Makeup is an accessory that is no longer a woman’s adornment; it is now open to all kinds of individuals who have embarked on a journey to explore their individuality and gain recognition for who they are. Men’s makeup may not be something that is an everyday view or phenomenon, but there are so many men who are now embracing the new trends in makeup and adding new experiences to their list. It has not only boosted men’s self-confidence but has also accelerated the businesses and proliferation of various beauty brands.

The time has gone when makeup for men was a myth or taboo. Today’s men have embarked on a journey of creativity and experimentation, giving new stature to beauty standards and providing brands with a platform to come forward and promote their beauty products. From basic eyeliner and subtle looks to bold and full-faced makeup, men have been breaking all gender constraints relating to beauty standards.

In this article, we try to dig into the perspectives of men and makeup, understanding the breaking of gender norms and going through the modern world where men are prone to makeup.

Understanding the Normalcy of Men’s Makeup

Man wearing makeup

A subset of makeup known as "intimate makeup," also known as "boy beauty" or "guyliner," focuses on accentuating manly traits while embracing the artistry of cosmetics. It's all about refinement and subtlety, emphasizing rather than hiding your inherent features. This method of applying cosmetics gives men the power to define beauty on their own terms.

Here is how intimate makeup for men has gained the limelight in recent times:

  • Breaking Gender norms

Intimate makeup has men challenging and breaking down all those gender stereotypes and images that have been so far associated with their identity and their masculinity. Makeup has never been a gender perspective.

  • Expression and Self-confidence

This trend has, perhaps, given men the freedom to express their feelings about their individuality through their unique style and creativity, thus boosting their self-confidence.

  • Enhancing Features

Men can use intimate makeup techniques like concealing blemishes, defining brows, or adding a touch of color to enhance their facial features and achieve a desired look.

  • Social Media influence

The rise of social media platforms has played a significant role in popularizing intimate makeup for men, with influencers and content creators showcasing their unique styles and inspiring others to experiment.

  • Creative Outlet

For many men, makeup serves as a means of showing their creative sides, providing an opportunity to experiment with different looks and styles.

  • Scope for Experimentation

Thanks to a variety of options and brands that are helping men experiment with different looks on their faces, providing them with the best makeup look for themselves,

  • Body Positivity

One of the driving forces that has led to the rise of intimate makeup in men is to create a positive body image and to celebrate themselves and the bodies they live in.

  • Economic Growth

Men's intimate cosmetics products are in greater demand, which has opened new business prospects in the beauty sector and encouraged product innovation and variety.

What should Men carry in their Makeup kit?

Man grooming his beard with trimmer

Since the topic of makeup has not had a solid association with men, We often feel confused as to what kind of makeup products we use. We assess various products based on their availability, utility, and suitability.

We have compiled a list of a few items that you should definitely have in your bag as a man to make your makeup game strong:

  • Beard Grooming Kit

Men must have beard oils, waxes, and balms to groom their facial hair and give it an enhanced and professional look. A regular trim can also help maintain the desired look and facilitate smoother facial hair growth.

  • Contours and Highlighters

Having contouring and highlighting products handy is necessary to sculpt the facial features and add dimension. Body contouring is also something that men are investing in using aesthetic services. Using contours removes excessive body fat and helps men retain their desired body shape.

  • Skincare Products

Now that skincare has become a major concern, including for men, it should be given priority as well. Always keep a moisturizer, cleaner, or concealer that could work as your instant makeup man in case of emergencies.

  • Foundation and Kohl

To even out their skin tones, men must have foundations or tinted moisturizers to get a polished look. And for a bolder look, you can even use kohl to beautifully decorate your eyes.

  • Primer

In order to make your makeup last longer, apply a primer for an enhanced and fresh look. Even though it is not a necessary step and you can skip it if you wish, having it applied to your skin prevents oil formation and controls dryness. One product, two benefits.

  • BB/CC Creams

To look attractive on your date nights or at sudden office meetings or get-togethers, these creams are your first saviors. Acting as moisturizers and your primary makeup components simultaneously, these creams are great for achieving a natural but healthy-looking complexion.

  • Lip Balms

More prone to damage than almost anywhere else on the body, lips must be taken care of, and that starts with a lip balm. But before getting one, go for the ones that provide a 'manly' look rather than the ones that say ‘glossy’ like the plague. A matte formula that is moisturizing but doesn’t give too much shine when you smile.

  • Blotting Sheets

If you are worried about the excessive amount of oil that gathers over your skin when you apply makeup, you must carry blotting sheets with you. These sheets absorb the excessive oil without leaving a layer of cakey product on your skin. Plus, they come in small sizes. So you can easily carry them in your wallets, proving to be your last-minute touch-up.

  • Brow Gels

It is an unknown fact that men’s eyebrows are thicker and hairier than those of women; hence, they require maintenance. Also known as a fix or definer, brow gels are a makeup tool to lock a comb, shape, and lock your eyebrows in place. Use the brow gel appropriately on your brows using the brush provided with them to keep unruly arches in check.


Men wearing intimate makeup signals a fundamental change in how society views gender, self-expression, and attractiveness. It goes against the conventions that have established who can wear cosmetics and when. It is obvious that cosmetics are no longer restricted to traditional gender lines as the trend continues to gain popularity. Anyone who wants to experiment with it has access to this method of artistic expression.

Makeup is a bold step toward emphasizing one’s ideas and individuality. While knowing that makeup is a form of expressing one’s self, it is also important to know what is best for someone. Before indulging in the world of cosmetics, men must make sure that they get the products that best suit them and their bodies. Not every product suits everybody, and not every product offers the same coverage on the skin. Make sure to get what suits you the best and is friendly to you.

Written By - Chirajita Gupta

Edited By - Bhagwat Jha

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