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Medical Tests a Man Over 30 Should Go Through

While men are in their 20s, they do not really pay attention to their health or get medical tests done as they are too busy building their career for a safe and secure future. While they do believe in working out to have a healthy and toned body, they often end up having too much to eat or have quite a lot to drink, but they think that it is not something that will bother their health as they believe to have a healthy body. However, as a man rolls into his 30s, it is believed that prevention is better than cure. While you had enough time to build your career (along with some partying), it is high time that you get some medical check ups done.

When it comes to a man’s health, every little step is precious. And opting for preventive medical checkups or tests would be the best thing you could do for yourself. While you might think that you are completely healthy, the results of these medical tests might say otherwise. Even in your 30s, a man could get illnesses such as cancer or diabetes which can be fatal if not taken care of.

Keeping this in mind, we have listed down some essential medical tests that a man should get done in his 30s, whether he is feeling healthy or not. Have a look below:

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Test

The health of your heart certainly matters and once you have turned 30, it is the perfect time to get serious about making sure that your cardiovascular system is in good shape. It has been recommended that a man over 30 should get his blood pressure checked every two years as well as his cholesterol levels checked every four to six years. If you have obesity or diabetes you are definitely at a risk for high cholesterol, however, that does not mean that a man without obesity or diabetes is not at risk for high cholesterol.

Skin Check

While you might be going to a dermatologist for your acne issues, once you have turned 30, it is time for you to get tested for skin cancer as well. While people get older to get their skin cancer tests done, it can affect men of any age. In fact, it is recommended that men should go for an annual skin cancer test from the age of 18.

HIV and STI Test

If a man is sexually active then he should certainly go for an HIV and STI test once a year or once in six months for sure. If you are sexually active with new or multiple sex partners it’s important to also be tested for sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea every year. Tests for STIs can help you detect them earlier, which prevents a host of health issues from developing later on.

Colorectal Cancer Test

A colorectal cancer test or a colonoscopy can be an uncomfortable experience for men and many shy away from it, however, it is very important for men to go for it to detect colon cancer. Some of the examples of its risk factors are a family history of colon cancer, chronic conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or smoking. If you feel that you are at an increased risk, you must go for this test as soon as possible.

Eye Test

Even if you do not wear glasses or contact lenses and your eyes are 20/20, when you are in your 30s, it is the right time to go for an eye test to make sure that you are not up for something worse. For instance, you could be found to have enlarged optic nerves and be a glaucoma suspect, have retinal pigmentation, or have dry eyes. These are all treatable and preventable. Apart from that, eye tests can uncover other non-eye related health problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or cancer.

Dental Tests

While you might be thinking that you have a picture perfect smile, a dental test might uncover the truth for you. Dental tests at 30 are so important because dentists can examine your mouth for cavities as well as gum diseases that could cause severe oral health problems later in life. You should also go for dental cleaning for non-oral health conditions, such as diabetes.


While in his 20s, a man thinks that he is completely healthy, whether or not he is obese or not, or whether he consumes junk food or not, that might not be the case for him. Once a man has turned 30, the above given medical tests are quite essential for him to go for as he needs to be sure whether he is a healthy man or not.

Often the vaccines we received as kids are not necessarily enough to last us a lifetime. Once a man is in his 30s, it is quite important for him to be sure of his health and these above given tests will make him know about it. If some disease does get detected earlier, he will be able to treat it earlier before it gets fatal for him.

It can sometimes seem hectic or hard to plan out doctor’s visits. Try to schedule visits around your birthday; if you line up appointments with every passing year, it will be easier to keep a track and stick to the recommended schedule of appointments and tests. Remember, in order to live a long and healthy life, you need to go for these medical tests and be sure that you are not ill with a chronic disease. So do not shy away from getting tested, whether it is a colonoscopy test or an HIV and STI test as it is only for your own benefit.

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