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Master the Art of Roleplay to Spice It Up

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Being intimate with your partner is one way of making sure that the fire in your relationship is always burning. However, the same old ways in your bedroom can perhaps turn mundane and boring. Roleplay can be one of the ways you can bring the spark back. Let’s get to know more about it!

Intimacy builds the connection with your partner. However, the same old ways in your bedroom can soon make your relationship tedious as well as monotonous. Here is where roleplay comes into the picture. Are you thinking what is roleplay?

Remember when ‘Claire’ from ‘Modern Family’ gets embarrassedly stuck in an elevator of a hotel, in front of her dad? Now, do you remember that every ‘Valentine’s Day’ Claire becomes ‘Juliana’ and Phil becomes ‘Clive Bixby’? That exactly there is there ‘alter ego’ which they indulge in and add roleplay to their life (romantic and sexual).

In the case of sexual intercourse, roleplay can be elaborated as acting for sex where you can play any character, but yourself. You can truly be anyone, such as a police officer, a pizza delivery guy or even a criminal. Of course, acting does not come naturally to a man (unless you are already an actor). It can get awkward, intimidating and may be even a little uncomfortable at first, but with practice, you can ace roleplaying and add that spice in your sex life. Well, when ‘Phil’ can, then why not you?

Deciding on What to Roleplay

Roleplay is for every man when it comes to spicing up their sex life.

You might not be an Oscar winning actor, but roleplay is for every man when it comes to spicing up their sex life. You can always take out some time to figure out and come up with your ‘alter ego’ and indulge in roleplay.

You could try to change your look with costumes (or not), but you need to be comfortable with the character you are playing. Psst..feel free to add props if you want. Whether you are playing a nurse and patient or an artist and his muse, make sure you are comfortable with the situation as well as the roleplaying.

At first, it might feel awkward to be in someone else’s shoes, playing a different person. You might not even know what to say at times and may even laugh with your partner. However, it is a part of roleplaying and is completely normal. Pretending to be someone else with a different personality can be funny. The truth is that once you keep on roleplaying, you will ace it pretty soon and in a short span of time you will roleplay like a master. 

Limitations and Boundaries

Roleplay needs a safe word.

You and your partner are the ones who need to set the limitations and boundaries for your sex life. You cannot just get into BDSM while roleplaying without informing your partner. So, the best way of indulging in it is by talking about it before you start. Perhaps they might be interested in it as well!

Another step that you need to take is including a safe word for your sexual activity. In case you or your partner crosses the line during sex or even if you end up in an uncomfortable situation, one of you can spit it out to stop the action. Often couples do not have a safe word and things turn out to be really bad in the end, yes, ‘Juliana’ (Claire) ending up stuck on that elevator could have been avoided.


There are a lot of fantasies that you can go for when it comes to roleplay, such as boss and secretary, massage therapist and more. However, if you have something else in mind, certainly go for it! Roleplay does not have any limitations for sure, however, make sure that it does not get painful for either of you. Apart from that, make sure that you keep a safe word so that if something gets out of hand, you or your partner can say it. At first, both of you might laugh at each other and find it crazy as well, but it will soon get passionate, once both of you are into it.

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