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Male dependency on women

We live in a world where women are raised with the notion of being ‘dependent’ on men. Whether it be relying on their fathers for pocket expenses or having a brother’s protection while going out late at night, women are taught from an infant stage that the other gender is superior. But, little did they teach us about men’s dependency on women. Surely, things are evolving. Men are dependent on women too. But as the notion strikes, they were always taught to be the other half on whom women can depend. Due to this, often, ego becomes a hindrance for men to accept that they are actually dependent on women in their life. This explains their hesitation while asking for help or being dependent. And this vicious cycle goes on and on.

Having a codependent relationship during any phase of your life is not at all bad. We see “dependency” as a negative term whereas if we examine closely, there is no such phenomena in this world that works independently. Even plants depend on sunlight for food. Dependency becomes a curse when it crosses the line. But acknowledging the fact that men do depend on women is not just a discussion but a need currently.

Hence, we list out things that’ll make you realise how dependent men actually are:

Better outlook towards life

No matter how much fun we make using the term “Mama’s boy”, guys who love their mothers and grow up attaining nourishing parenting from their mothers, are more likely to be humble and kind. Men who grow up being close to their mothers have a better outlook towards life. They not only try to move in the right direction but also have an understanding of concepts such as sacrifice and kindness.

Respecting other genders

Often men who are brothers to sisters are more likely to be more respectful and understanding of other genders. Men depend on their sisters subconsciously for a better growth in their personality. They become patient, understanding and always often look at things from their sister’s perspective. The natural protective instinct you like about a man is often a result of his relationship with his sister. A man is dependent on his sister for being open minded and not at all cringey or unaware about stuff that women go through. 

Learning about emotional dependency

A strong woman introduces the guy with emotional dependency. Men were always expected to be the one pampering, fulfilling needs, and protecting others. Little do they know what being pampered feels like. A strong female partner won’t waste a single minute before pampering her guy and making him feel special. She’ll help him understand how normal it is to be emotional and share it. Men who are lucky enough to grow around such a partner learn how to sympathise not just with others but with themselves too.

Hence, men are dependent on women to be vulnerable and have a belief that the world is still a better place for them.

Accepting and evolving according to change

Men are seen as rigid, strong and protective. Whereas, change is the only constant. Fathers having daughters start to accept the change in the society that their daughters propose to them. Daughters make men understand the value of change and they always feel as young as they can be. Men are simply dependent on their daughters for hope and a better future ahead.

Accept and relay

“No war can be fought without an army”. Intentionally or unintentionally, men are dependent on women. But the societal norms of being strong, rigid and “manly” are an obstacle for them to simply accept. Hence, men tend to turn down the assistance offered to them and suffer alone. But that’s not actually how it should work. Men and women both are dependent on each other and help each other in becoming a better person. Let not gender be a barrier here. Afterall dependency is all fine and normal until it crosses the line.

In Conclusion

Dependency more than being a negative connotation of being weak, actually means that you are strong enough to open yourself up to people close to you. Men always have the tendency to burden themselves with all the responsibilities without letting anyone else suffer any hardships. Being dependent only means that a man is opening up and willing to let others join with him on his journey and hardships. He trusts in you enough to share his struggles with you and is willing to accept help if required.

Never starve yourself from being dependent on the women in your life.

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