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Male dependency on women

We live in a world where women are raised with the notion of being ‘dependent’ on men. Whether it be relying on their fathers for pocket expenses or having a brother’s protection while going out late at night, women are taught from an infant stage that the other gender is superior. But, little did they teach us about men’s dependency on women. Surely, things are evolving. Men are dependent on women too. But as the notion strikes, they were always taught to be the other half on whom women can depend. Due to this, often, ego becomes a hindrance for men to accept that they are actually dependent on women in their life. This explains their hesitation while asking for help or being dependent. And this vicious cycle goes on and on.

Having a codependent relationship during any phase of your life is not at all bad. We see “dependency” as a negative term whereas if we examine closely, there is no such phenomena in this world that works independently. Even plants depend on sunlight for food. Dependency becomes a curse when it crosses the line. But acknowledging th