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Makeup Revolution

From Makeup Maverick To Visionary Artist, Elton Fernandez's Journey Is So Inspiring

Elton Fernandez
Source: Image by Rema Chaudhary

In makeup artistry, where colours and imagination mix, Elton Fernandez represents self-discovery and persistent devotion. Growing up watching his mother's ability to radiate beauty on a budget sparked Elton's interest in aesthetics early on. However, his foray into the world of makeup was an unexpected turn after trying his hands on music. Elton realised while navigating the hectic capitals of Mumbai and Delhi that breaking into the beauty and fashion industries was no easy thing. Nonetheless, he persisted, understanding that success demanded forging his own route amid the challenges and uncertainties of the creative world.

Elton has transformed himself into one of the most renowned names in the Indian beauty market after leaving an almost 2-year corporate job with Google. Over the years, his own brand has amassed a sizeable social following, with over 66.7K Instagram followers eager for his frequently star-studded images and 90.6K YouTube subscribers tuning in weekly for his cosmetic tutorials.

In our conversation with Elton Fernandez, we discover a makeup artist whose journey is a testament to self-awareness, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to redefining beauty on one's terms. Read edited excerpts.

How did you discover your interest in make-up? How did you start your journey?

Well, my mother always had a great fashion sense. She never used any high-fi fashion or cosmetics to look bright and beautiful. But still, she managed to look aesthetically great and wonderful with a very budget-friendly makeup routine. I always admired her. That’s where I kind of built a fascination for beauty and aesthetics. My make-up journey started when I decided to transition myself from becoming a songwriter, to becoming a makeup artist. You see things eventually happen in a destined way and here I am today, as a makeup artist.

How did you see the Makeup and Fashion Industry? Was it tough for you to break into this industry?

Yeah definitely, I don’t think it is easy for any creative person to come to these big cities like Mumbai and Delhi, and create a big space for themselves. Things are different here, they are not according to what you expect. So it is difficult for anyone to adjust. It is a period of great struggle, you’re struggling with your finances, and you’re emotionally downstairs in life. It has a very hustling feel overall. But yes you need to stand up for yourself and for your vision. Nobody is there to teach you anything, you have to make your own formulas, based on your experiences.

What are the most essential things for good makeup?

Well, I would say, First and Foremost, self-awareness is very crucial. It reflects and projects one’s perspective of what being beautiful means to him/her, so that way it is very important. Next, I would say that focusing on basics helps a lot. What you need should be clear, like a good basic skincare product, a good lipstick maybe or a good mascara for that instance.

Men are usually not that involved in makeup. What would be your suggestions to them?

Well Human skin is very sensitive and important, and everyone should have access to and consider their grooming and skincare is important. Earlier makeup and cosmetics were more on the female’s tables. Men usually did not have an inclination towards makeup and skincare, and those who had were considered feminine. But today we see that Men have started taking good care of themselves and that’s appreciable.

How can Men overcome the gender stereotypes about makeup?

Self-Awareness. Self-awareness would surely help them in overcoming this. It takes true divine feminine power to take up self-care and self-love and not the brutal unnecessary masculine force that men tend to possess. The real power lies in finding a balance between your male energy and feminine energy. So for men to break these stereotypes, it is important that they bring up their imaginations of beauty and personify aesthetics in their own terms through self-build-up and self-awareness.

People are scared about the side effects of cosmetic products. What would you suggest to them?

Stop entertaining and operating your fear first of all. You should know the essence of beauty and its standards. Try to go for the products that would be beneficial and suitable for your skin. Do good research and do not try to fake up or show off very much.

What are some budget-friendly makeup suggestions you would give to men?

Go for concealers. Make skincare a routine and use minimum products. Go for good creams.

Just like every industry, the make-up and styling industry also has tough competition today, so how do you manage through this competition?

Yes, it is true. We are living in a competitive world and everything’s a competition these days. But I haven’t personally faced much of it as I have been fortunate enough to be not seeing things from this perspective and not working under these circumstances. I enjoy doing what I do. I try to adjust according to situations and people I work with. There’s also a constant flow of respect and positive energy among us, so yes it helps us a lot. You won’t always get everything that you want. But you need to learn a lot. You need to find newer ways to apply your skills and learn newer things.

How can people analyse their individual skin types and choose make-up accordingly?

Every person has a good idea of whether their skin is ‘oily type’ or the ‘dry type’. So don’t let confusion enter your mind. Also, the climate of the place where you are plays a big role. Men usually have hectic schedules and the pollution and humid climates make their skins look retarded and unhealthy. This is where a good cleanser is required. Having a clean face would not only restrict your skin from toxic germs but will also help in increasing blood and water flow and also bring a healthy glow. Also, Men need to understand that all cleansing products take a good time to settle down and break down and remove dirt on your face. So don’t be in a hurry to clean up and take good time to clean your face.

What are the top make-up brands you would suggest for Men?

Well, there are no Brands as such. I don’t feel brands are that important, instead, we should focus on the products. And as I said, a good moisturiser, a good cleanser, a good sunscreen, these things are a must-have for everyone. You should go for products that make you feel confident.

Although I was the ambassador of Maybelline Newyork for India, and I loved a lot of their products.

Which celebrity has been your favourite makeup collaboration?

Well, that’s a tough one to answer. As a process, well I would say that I really enjoyed working with Grammy-winning singer M.I.A. She was fantastic. She had a wonderful feminine power. She was a great woman. It was one of my greatest experiences. She was a real beauty.

Who has been your inspiration from the makeup industry?

I have always been a huge fan of Pat Mcgrath. People nowadays only see your skills through your grids or your posts. That is their key focus. But for me, visions are important. Pat was a visionary, she was brilliant. I’ve grown up taking her perspectives on life, and not just craft. She sees beauty in various things that many artistic people don’t tend to reach.

There are more people who have inspired me, a lot of people have inspired me. Anybody who comes with a new and strong vision about things and life, anyone who is ready to step up and take charge of bringing a solid new thought to their art and craft, I get inspired by that person.

Any Indian beauty influencer who according to you is nailing the game today?

I don’t really follow many of these influencers. I don’t get much space and time to browse through profiles. But recently I met this girl and I really adored her work. Her name is Aashna Hegde. We had a great time when we worked. I also liked Juhi Godambe a lot.

As we conclude our conversation with Elton Fernandez, it is clear that his journey encompasses more than just makeup. It is a story of personal growth and empowerment. He symbolizes breaking boundaries, embracing individuality, and redefining beauty on one's own terms. Elton's story

inspires us to follow our passions, explore new paths, and develop our own recipes for success.

Written By: Ishita Singh

Edited By: Chirajita Gupta

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