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Makeup For Men Around the Globe

Makeup application on a man

The cosmetics and skincare industry has experienced a notable change in demographics in recent years. More men are using makeup to improve their looks, feel more confident, and showcase their uniqueness.

Men around the globe are defying established gender standards, defying preconceptions, and experimenting with makeup to enhance their features, increase confidence, and express individuality.

The beauty industry has responded by developing cosmetics products that cater to a wide range of skin tones and issues. This societal shift reflects a larger acceptance of varied masculine expressions, encouraging men to embrace makeup as a weapon for empowerment and personal flair.

The Rise of Men's Makeup among Asian Men

Makeup for males has a significant cultural importance in Asia. It has traditionally been used in a variety of rituals and events. Extensive makeup is utilized to express characters and emotions in classical dance genres such as the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, Kathakali in Kerala, and Ram Lila in North India. Face painting has long been a custom in various South Asian civilizations, such as the Naga tribes of India, and during ceremonies and festivities.

Furthermore, grooms frequently wear cosmetics to improve their looks and create a polished look for the major occasion in South Asian weddings. During pre-wedding festivities, mehndi (henna) is also used to beautify hands and feet.

Modern South Asian males are also interested in wearing makeup on a daily basis, owing to shifting beauty standards and the impact of social media. This transition reflects changing views on masculinity and self-expression. Thus, Asian men's makeup is a dynamic blend of heritage and contemporary expression, expressing cultural complexity and developing perceptions of beauty and identity. So we know that makeup for Asian Men has been a long-going trend and is not a matter of the last week.

Rise of Men's Makeup among Men Down the Map

With the increase in grooming and self-expression among African and Australian males in recent years, the makeup landscape has seen a dramatic metamorphosis. Men from these various regions are adopting makeup as a way to boost their self-confidence and originality, defying traditional gender standards. African makeup fashions now celebrate vivid colors and tribal designs as a potent form of cultural expression.

Australian guys, on the other hand, favor simple, natural looks that emphasize perfect skin and unobtrusive adornments. This change indicates a wider cultural acceptance of various gender identities and personal preferences in addition to challenging preconceptions. A sign of the global growth of beauty standards and self-empowerment is the rise of cosmetics trends among males in Australia and Africa.

Makeup Essentials for Men Around the Globe

To simplify and save time, busy men should focus on a straightforward and efficient makeup routine. Below are must-have makeup products for busy men. We’ve also added a few suggestions to each category, that won’t disappoint you:

1. Concealer: Men should have a good concealer to hide imperfections like dark circles, acne scars, or redness. Choose a lightweight, non-comedogenic formula that matches your skin tone for a natural appearance.

2. BB Cream: A BB cream with SPF protection can even out skin tone, provide light coverage, and shield against harmful UV rays. It can replace heavy foundations and moisturizers, making it a versatile product.

3. Brow Gel: Neat eyebrows enhance facial appearance. Using a clear or tinted brow gel can easily define your brows and keep stray hairs in place.

4. Lip Balm: Use lip balm to prevent dry, chapped lips. A tinted lip balm offers both hydration and a hint of color for your lips.

5. Mascara: Clear mascara can make lashes look fuller and longer without being too dramatic.

6. Makeup Brushes: Invest in high-quality makeup brushes for precise application. Brushes simplify blending and buffing, resulting in a more natural finish.


Makeup for men is now widely accepted and no longer considered taboo or a niche trend. Men are embracing makeup as part of their daily routines, thanks to the increasing acceptance of diverse beauty standards.

Embracing the men's makeup trend is critical because it promotes diversity and challenges old gender norms. It allows people to express themselves authentically, which boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. Makeup allows people to experiment with numerous looks and trends, providing a creative outlet for self-expression. Furthermore, it can help people conceal flaws, improving their general sense of well-being. Adopting this trend promotes a more diversified and welcoming society in which people can set their own beauty standards. Finally, cosmetics crosses gender lines, encouraging individualism and honoring the various ways people choose to express themselves to the world.

Written By - Ishita Singh

Edited By - Bhagwat Jha

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