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Lifestyle Habits Speeding up your Ageing

Ageing is inevitable, but there comes a time when everyone has to go through rough and sunken skin. It hasn’t spared even “joey” from friends. At the same time the world has seen other examples like Anil Kapoor who knows well how to delay aging and always look younger. 

Unless you have a YOLO attitude or you are okay looking 10 years older than you actually are, you can go on with how you live. b\But if you want to have a long and healthy life and you are concerned about premature ageing look out for bad lifestyle habits that are shaping you into that old guy. These are very common everyday activities that you do with intention or unintentionally without realising how they are damaging your body and skin and overall health. Here are such activities and how to keep them in check.

Increased Screen-time

Since the last year has been in lockdown and quarantine and all physical meetings and work has shifted online, and exposure to blue light for long hours has become an important factor that triggers ageing. We know work cannot be avoided, but you can obviously decrease your screen time by not scrolling through social media and enjoying time with people physically present around you. You can also give up on the OTT platforms and maybe read a book to reduce this effect. 


Sleep is an important factor in determining your ageing process. If you have a messed up sleeping schedule and you aren’t able to get enough sleep, it will only add the years shown on your face and hence determine your age. By not getting enough sleep you are not only adding up the age but also inviting cardiovascular diseases that are caused by stay awake a little too much. 


If you think smoking is cool, you are a fool. I not only say that because smoking kills, yes that is true but it is also true that smoking makes you age faster. Smoking kills the ability of the body to regenerate cells and can further make you look older quite fast. Smoking will give you visible aging effects and will also deeply injure your health. Quit when you can, for you must.

Not taking a Healthy Diet

Add unhealthy diet to these scrumptious lifestyle habits, and boom you have lost your chance to have a youthful skin and fit body. Eating sweets, carbohydrates, oily and sticky foods, and junk food will only add up to the skin problems like acne and dullness of the skin. To maintain good health and add to the years of your life start with good eating habits. Eat fruits and vegetables. Get healthy snacks and more juices will keep you young and strong.


If you are reckless with your skin, you will be doing everything right and still end up falling prey to premature ageing. Not taking good care of the skin is a major problem for youngsters due to lack of time. But you do not need a multi step skincare routine to make yourself look younger. Rinsing, cleansing, moisturising, and using SPF can be enough for regular skincare.

It is never too late to keep these habits in check and stay young forever.

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