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Letter To Your Body: What Men Need To Know Once They Enter Their 30s

A man flaunting his muscles

A man’s lifestyle in his twenties and thirties determines his future ageing process. With every decade, there is a gradual change in us. It means the routine of your twenties may not really work for your thirties. With the gracious 30s on site, a little guide surely helps. So, here we bring you a guide to changes in men’s bodies in their thirties and tips that will help you cope with these changes.

Because what better way to begin your thirties than with a healthy resolution for your body?

What men in their 30s should know about their bodies?

A man flaunting his abs

Goodbye 20s metabolism

The life of the twenties is different for everyone. Whether you were a gym bro or a party life, the thirties spare none. There is a drastic shift in what diet suits your body. Gone are the days of your fast metabolism. Muscular strength drops

With age, muscle mass tends to undergo a significant reduction. This correlates with a decrease in physical strength. Studies suggest that the human body has the greatest physical capacity between the ages of twenty and thirty.

Lowered flexibility

Being flexible protects against minor injuries and improves your movement. After reaching the thirty mark, flexibility needs to be maintained, unlike the carefree movements of early ages.

Testosterone drops

After the age of thirty, testosterone hormones decrease by one to two per cent each year. Besides, some men report a decrease in sex drive or a lack of energy over time.

Cholesterol risks

According to the British Heart Foundation, cholesterol levels after the thirties and heart risks are correlated. Studies show heart risks as high as 39% with high cholesterol levels, especially between the ages of 35 and 55.

Six Tips for Men in Their Thirties to Rule Their Health

Men in their thirties undergo a transition in all phases of their lives, whether it is their careers, relationships, or bodies. Ultimately, any such stress may interrupt one’s health. So we have compiled tips to help you care for yourself in the best way.

Fewer calories, more nutrition

A man writing something along with food on his table

As the metabolism slows down, it is due to the fact that the body requires fewer calories. But fewer calories do not mean a less nutritious diet. In fact, people, as they age, need to put in extra effort to fulfil their nutrition quota. Make sure that all the essential vitamins and minerals are on your plate. Besides, practise responsible food habits. Reduce your fast-food outings and prefer veggies to the oil-driven street food. Note your body metrics

A man flaunting his biceps and eating healthy food

One must start noting down their blood pressure and cholesterol levels. These are the driving forces behind major health issues in men. Putting them under control can help men monitor their overall health. Besides, one can modify their lifestyle and diet based on their parameters. The family chart

An increasing bar graph

Genetic factors play a major role in health. It carries the power to make one susceptible to or resistant to health issues. So make sure to learn about your family history.

If you are aware of any disease running in the family, you can take up regular screening in your early thirties. This allows for early detection and effective treatment. Stay active

A man meditating

No matter what the age, keeping oneself active is a must. It is one’s own choice to opt for walking, yoga, or exercise. But, in the end, as long as it keeps you active, it works. Make it a part of your daily goals to spend at least thirty minutes on physical activities. If every day sounds difficult, then aim for at least four to five days a week. Self-examination

A doctor examining his own heartbeats

Our body gives away indications of illness, so pay attention to them. Look out for bumps on the skin, lumps on the body, or any change that feels abnormal to you. Sexual Health

A man consulting a doctor

As testosterone levels dip downward, some men may face symptoms of erectile dysfunction. And if ignored, it may impact sexual health. So, if concerns about ED arise, feel free to reach out for professional care to avoid further consequences.


A man’s body undergoes recognisable changes in his thirties. The zeal and energy of the twenties begin to fade. And this may leave men feeling confused about their health. Although it is absolutely normal, transformations may be hard to handle for some. However, it is always possible to balance the youthfulness of the twenties and delay the wrinkles and grey hair of the forties with proper care. This calls for the need to put one’s health under monitoring. Besides, adding a nutritious diet and following an active lifestyle bring out the best in men in their thirties.

Written By: Sameena

Edited By: Chirajita Gupta

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