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Korean Skincare products for Men’s grooming

By: Aakriti Gupta

It is hard to beat ‘the glass skin’ perfection as Koreans have but it’s not outlandish, a strong V jawline, big eyes, and double eyelids with spotless skin define the very Korean male beauty standard. K-beauty is taking the world by storm with the discovery of its vast array of flawless skincare products and out-of-the-way fresh beauty routines for men to achieve exquisite radiant and healthy skin.

K-beauty is to cosmetics, what K-pop is to music. Koreans are popular across the globe for their glowy, plumply, translucent skin, which everybody is obsessed with. *Due to the rise in demand for K-beauty products in the US and Asia, South Korea has become the fifth largest exporter of cosmetic products at $8.5 billion in 2021.

But why is K-beauty so buzzworthy?

Korea is one of the beauty capitals in the world, merchandising gender-neutrality that can be observed in their street culture.

Its heritage is steeped deep in natural ingredients free of harsh chemicals passed down from generation to generation. It has utilised many western ingredients more than the West itself, to focus holistically on illuminating the skin from the inside out, lasting a lifetime.

Everyone has their own idea of the afterlife. And for skincare aficionados, like us, the afterlife has two queues at the pearly gates. One for people who used K-beauty products and one for those who did not. We bet you want to be the former one (shush, us too)!

So, why wait any longer, here are some K-beauty skincare brands that you can adhere to avoid the second queue (just kidding! Nope, we are not).

COSRX Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser

Over the past years, this brand has built up a cult following not only in America but in Korea too. With minimalist packaging, this brand for men is able to put its key elements in the spotlight which makes the search for products easier to navigate.

It contains five percent salicylic acid (when applied on the skin, sheds away all the dead skin cells) along with tea tree oil and willow bark water that keep the salicylic acid from drying out your skin and shoots up its acne-fighting properties. No more hiding those acne with your beard.

This particular product is designed to fight off the oily skin and acne that are common in men, along with it steer clear away from blemishes, dead skin cells, blackheads, and whiteheads furnishing you with clear, spotless skin after an overblown day.

Laneige Active Water Moisturiser

If you have dry skin, then Laneige is best for you. Its whole Active Water Line is created for men who are looking to streamline their skincare routine, providing a refreshing and moisturising finish against anti-dryness.

The moisturiser is a light in weight, fast-absorbing gel-type lotion that keeps your skin locked with moisture with its notable ingredients such as Zinc Gluconate (which aids cell growth in the skin) along with mineral water that strengthens and refreshes your skin instantly.

Innisfree Forest for Men Shaving and Cleansing Foam

This dynamic duo is a godsend for men who find their skin irritated after shaving. You don’t have to possess two disparate products as it is designed to shave as well as cleanse your face in one go.

This is formulated with black yeast, which builds a protective barrier to help regain strength and elasticity in men’s skin. Menthol as an addition to its ingredient list, provides a cooling effect after shaving, leaving only smooth and revitalised skin.

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Drop

With a fresh drop of five percent pure Vitamin C, a potent skin rejuvenator this skincare brand reinvigorates your skin making it lively and brighter. This improves skin texture, removes dark spots, and minimises pores.

It is a superior antioxidant serum that is cruelty-free, vegan, and eco-friendly suitable for strong skin which men usually have. Men usually go through a lot of skin breakouts which can be diminished by devoting serum to their face at night.

Benton Snail Bee Ultimate Serum

One of the best discoveries of South Korea and their versatile treasured product. Famed for its bee venom and 64% snail muchin, some men describe the brand as the epitome of Korean skincare with a heavy focus on its ingredients and result-centric skin solutions specially designed for men.

Bee venom is a popular Korean acne treatment because of its powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, which help rejuvenate, strengthen, and calm the skin.

Tea tree oil along with niacinamide used for illuminating skin tone and hyaluronic acid for hydrating men’s dry skin.


K-beauty, unlike other skin care techniques, is highly individualised, using divergent formulas for oily and dry skin which makes it perfect for Gen Z men. Korean brands manoeuvre natural ingredients, prioritising the health and texture of your skin.

Possessing whopping ingredients like Vitamins, hyaluronic acid, tea tree oil, snail mucus, green tea extract, and more, these Korean brands not only reawaken your skin but unshackles it from dirt, blemishes, and impurities.


Due to the rise in demand for K-beauty:

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