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Journey from being boys to men

Men are typically portrayed as being incompetent, immature, or self-absorbed in Hollywood movies, TV series, cable programs, and even ads. The collective consciousness has been quietly and increasingly affected by this underlying message, with deadly effects.

Helping the young man who is struggling and bewildered is the main subject of this piece. In fact, a lot of young guys have used the negative messages from society as a justification to avoid taking on responsibilities and never actually mature.

The goal of this post is to make you reevaluate your entire way of living. If you adopt these practices, you will be significantly different from the deteriorating standard.

Look outside of yourself

Children rely entirely on their parents for all information. When they reach adolescence, they possess all the knowledge. Many never grow out of this stage and continue to be very narcissistic, as shown by the following behaviors:

believing that you are superior to others, exaggerating your skills or abilities, expecting unceasing praise and adulation, failing to acknowledge others’ emotions or feelings, expressing contempt for those who appear to be above you, having difficulty maintaining healthy relationships, and acting as if you have nothing to learn.

An increase in general consciousness is necessary to move past self-consciousness.

You can recognize the general brilliance of humanity, connect with people more deeply, feel more joy, and have a better chance of manifesting the future you want by raising your level of consciousness.

You can raise your consciousness in the following ways:

Instead of ignoring your sensations, give yourself permission to feel them. One method for doing this is meditation. You go through your emotions and thoughts, take something away from them, and then let them go.

Release your expectations of what ought to be and honestly accept what is, not only a means to an end, but the journey itself is the goal.

Avoid taking medication and learn in a healthy setting

Our men are dying because of the industrial classroom approach. They are not in a healthy environment there. Young males require more physical activity.

As a result, many of them have ADHD that has been incorrectly and carelessly diagnosed. Medication controls their inherent traits, feelings, desires, and abilities.

The idea that boys and girls are wired differently is unpopular, but it is true. Girls are frequently driven solely by praise. Just to get their handwriting recognized, they will perfect it.

Boys, on the other hand, are frequently inspired by concrete, life-related events. As a result, many guys believe that possessing neat handwriting is useless because they will eventually spend their time typing. They are less concerned with what others may think. All they want is a challenge.

Engage in vigorous physical activity

Boys and men learn best when they are given brief, intense learning bursts, followed by intense physical stimuli. Play that is rough and tumble aids in the development of the frontal lobe of the brain, which controls behavior. Unfortunately, many public schools are eliminating gym class and recess, which worsens issues with boys.

You won’t get the necessary stimulation if you lead a sedentary life as a man. Men do best in kinesthetic learning situations, which involve moving while learning.


Men’s urge for physical stimulation is best met by intense physical activity like running or heavy weightlifting (followed by lengthy rest periods). Additionally, these vigorous physical activities can stimulate normal testosterone levels, which have a number of advantageous consequences, such as:

Fat loss, muscle gain, improved bone density, adjusted blood pressure, reduced risk of obesity and heart attacks, more energy, greater satisfaction from work and family, a feeling of being younger, stronger, and sexier, and a healthy sex drive

Healthy testosterone levels have been shown to have an impact on men’s cognitive function and can enhance motivation, focus, and memory.

Assume control of your life and hold yourself to a high standard

If they are no longer required, men decline. Many guys are lingering in their parents’ basements as a result of the message that men are no longer necessary in society.

Although the majority of men won’t go out of their way to accept difficulties and responsibilities, they should if they want to succeed. The fact that perception is followed by physical experience in the form of a self-fulfilling prophecy is in fact becoming general knowledge. You’re more likely to succeed if you believe you can.

You will do amazing things in life if you have high expectations for yourself. You can’t any longer blame the situation for what you’re doing. Blaming the outside world, your parents, your school, or the difficulties you’ve encountered in life won’t make your troubles go away. You’ll remain unmoved and resentful as a result.

Instead, give yourself some time to mentally design the life you want. Physical creation always comes after mental creation.

You possess the inner strength to design the life you want. All you need to do is take the time to intentionally create that reality. Clearly express your life goals in writing. Set absurdly high demands for yourself. Don’t be silent about anything.

Frequently read, revise, and reread your goals. Your subconscious mind will quickly become consumed with these, causing your brain to develop new neural pathways. The future you’ve been imagining will eventually come to pass.

Meditation, journaling, and prayer

Every religion and spiritual tradition places a high emphasis on the need for consistent prayer. The goal is the same, regardless of the practice’s format:

Gratitude, inspiration, self-realization, a stronger connection to God and existence, and an overall betterment of humanity

It is frequently discovered that prayer (and adjustments like gratitude diaries and meditation) improve both physical and mental wellbeing.

The benefits of prayer that have been proven by science include:

fewer harmful health impacts of stress; better self-control; a kinder attitude; a more forgiving disposition; a rise in trust

People are frequently put off by prayer because they think it is purely “religious” in nature. Even if you don’t care for organized religion, you can still have a good and wholesome relationship with prayer.

Make a lot of friends