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Is Men’s Lingerie even a thing?

During the lockdown, undergarment sales had skyrocketed, and lingerie has emerged as a popular style for men’s underwear. This new desire is being met by companies like SDL intimates, Moot, and Exterface that are also promoting a modern male image that led to the inception of the Male Lingerie.

This has produced an image where males aren’t dressing like women; rather, they are embracing the fabrics and designs frequently found in lingerie for women in products tailored just for their body types. This poses the question: Is Men’s Lingerie even a thing? Ridhiman Das of BFH conducts his thorough research of the subject to bring forth a suitable answer. Continue reading to find out!


In the 1930s, men’s underwear was largely designed using the right fabric and structure. Men grew interested in dabbling with various styles thanks to the sewing technique used in its structures, which worked like a miracle. Although there are many fashion trends that the public initially rejected, they ended up winning everyone’s hearts with time and change.

Nevertheless, they were never seen interesting enough to the mass male public as it was mostly associated with Male performers or jocks. The outbreak of Coronavirus had caged people inside their homes which led to people purchasing fashion items that focussed on undergarments such as Lingerie.

Men’s underwear had always served the purpose of nothing more than keeping the privates in place and protected. There was no purpose of showing it off or to feel special. Hence, this opened a demand for designers that catered to this which led to the modern Men’s Lingerie wear. Men don’t have breasts, thus we don’t create bras. We conduct a basque with our chests open.”  remarks Moot Lingerie’s founder Jules Parker with pride The father of 3,  Parker, 55, thinks of new designs for his burgeoning line of men’s underwear when he’s not refurbishing vintage cars in his Uckfield, East Sussex, workshop. The made-in-England lingerie brand by Moot, whose tagline is “The Underwear Revolution,” is created to complement a man’s physique. Moot officially launched their ethically-produced lingerie for men, handmade by an all female team in Yorkshire in Spring 2020.

SDL Intimates is a high-end men’s intimate apparel and lingerie brand, and founder and designer Samuel Lucas says: “The brand’s name derives from my initials “SDL,” and intimates is a reflection of the nature of the garments I create.”

He also states that, “Contrary to traditional underwear, which is designed to be worn under other clothing, my intimate designs are meant to be flaunted. Male undergarments, in my opinion, are beautifully crafted designs that go far beyond just functionality.”

The different variations and styles of Men’s Lingerie

In the present predicament, knowing the exact size alone won’t suffice to get the ideal pair of men’s underwear. Although it is also vital, if you have succeeded in determining your ideal size, you must first be aware of the options and associated advantages. This is the place for you if you want to swap to another pair and are eager to learn about the various fashion trends. The several options for men’s underwear are listed below, along with the style you must pick!

Men’s Boxers

Guys’ boxers are a type of underwear for men that are loose-fitting and stretch to the knee. If you don’t want any restrictions down there, they offer you a full range of movement and are extremely comfortable. If they want to enjoy their vacation, many men prefer nothing more than men’s boxers. It is cosy and secures your possessions.

Briefs for men

The most popular type that has won over the hearts of men is known as men’s briefs. When you pick the ideal size, they provide the greatest comfort and support. Men’s briefs are frequently chosen by men as their ideal mate for a variety of occasions. They adore it so much that after the old variant wears out, they simply repurchase the same variation and do not switch to another.

Thongs for men

There will be no other concerns, such as your comfort or your assets, once you have put on the style of men’s thong underwear. You’ll look your best and achieve the pleasing appearance you’ve always desired. Male thongs have the capacity to be your best pal whenever you need them, thanks to their high cuts and selection of luxurious fabric alternatives.

Bikinis for men

They are a variety that is popular for swimming pool uses. Men’s bikini underwear is your only alternative if you feel the need to flaunt your curves. They have earned a spot in every person’s heart and closet thanks to their alluring appearance and snug composition. There are numerous occasions where a male bikini is the best candidate.

G-strings for men

G-strings are a pair of undergarments for men with a string waistband that binds the entire show together. They are pleasant to wear anyplace and will always offer you the support and comfort you require. Male g-strings offer breathability and the illusion that you are not sporting anything down there, courtesy of their low fabric content and high exposure.

Jockstraps for men

Men’s jockstrap underwear is definitely something you’ve heard of if you enjoy enhancing comfort in your lower body while working out. They are the variation that was first designed to safeguard the riders’ assets, but with a few modifications, you may wear them anywhere. They are supportive, snug, and fashionable for every physical activity and special occasion.

In addition to these categories, there are other subcategories for men’s underwear as well!

Men’s alluring underwear comes in a variety of designs that make you look enticing. It makes you look desirable and elevates your fashion profile.

According to Moot, the two primary sorts of men who purchase their products: those are young men who are far more open-minded and men in their 45s who have the confidence and disposable means to not worry about what other people think.

Men’s g-strings, men’s bikinis, men’s thongs, and other variations are accessible. They all offer some exposure to your assets as well as varying degrees of coverage.

Men’s sheer underwear

These variations have sheer fabric that is thin and fragile. The presence of micropores on the surface allows for optimum airflow. They are extremely comfortable when you want to relax at home while spending time with your lover.They provide you with the luxury of visibility and boost the room’s atmosphere. Many men who enjoy flashing their underwear prefer the variant known as sheer underwear. Any style that is designed with sheer cloth qualifies as the variant.

Men’s mesh underwear

It is regarded as a very revealing kind of men’s underwear that has emerged as many men’s best friend. They expose your assets owing to the translucent fabric and provide your assets with a lot of room to breathe. When you wear them for important occasions, the thin fabric accentuates your assets and helps you entice your lover to spend more time with you. Any variation that has mesh fabric can be classified as men’s mesh underwear.

Men’s pouch-enhancing underwear

They are becoming common among males who enjoy developing an attractive belly bulge. This trend has replaced the unpleasant processes and medical techniques that men formerly employed to achieve an enhanced bulge and an inviting appearance. When it comes to selecting a suitable size, things have become considerably easier for men since the advent of men’s pouch-enhancing underwear. Only models with the enhancing pouch option are taken into account for this category.

Male Lingerie has seen an exponential growth in its demand and designers are dipping their hands into some extremely gorgeous designs and styles that are sure to appeal to everyone in the present day of fashion.

SDL Intimates is a high-end men’s intimate apparel and lingerie brand, and founder and designer Samuel Lucas says: “The brand’s name derives from my initials “SDL,” and intimates is a reflection of the nature of the garments I create.”

He also states that,