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Is it okay not to have a New year resolution?

One skepticism men often counter is what resolutions to make in the upcoming New year. Ideally, we expect too much out of new year resolutions, and set goals which may be hard to achieve, which may lead us to a guilt trap. So, to make resolutions or not to ? Well, pragmatically, the answer lies in your own priorities. If you wish to make certain resolutions which you think will add a layer of fresh breath in your life, go ahead but if you don’t , its equally fine as you will be the same person at the end of the year too, and will get ample amount of time to revisit things at any time in the year. The aim should be to ensure that 2023 is the year you do things which make you feel good-and there’s no better New Year’s resolution than that. 

The curse of new year resolution

There’s a longevity issue with new year’s resolutions and we must have seen that they don’t last. Sometimes they are broken the very next day, making you feel low on will power and sometimes they do last, eventually falling flat after some time. New year resolutions are hard to follow through because we exaggerate our real potential and end up making resolutions which might be hard to achieve. For example, you make a resolution that you will quit smoking, and how many actually quit smoking ? Everyone knows the ill effects of smoking and if given a chance would stop smoking any given day, but is it too easy to just stop smoking? Not trying to demoralize here, smoking is actually a filthy habit, but things just take time to process, just making a resolution will not help.

What therapists say about New year resolutions

In a separate article regarding new year resolutions, a therapist was quoted as saying, “There is a lot of evidence that New Year’s resolutions don’t really work in the long run,” . Instead of making unrealistic promises , what we should do is set intentions for the new year. They can help us in creating long-lasting and meaningful change. Striving for a change is what every human being looks up for. That change will happen not by making unrealistic resolutions but actually working in that direction to bring about a change.

Reflex and Reflect

If you sincerely try to make a resolution, then how do you process it? The answer is Reflex and Reflect! Ask yourself, what changes do you genuinely wish to make in your life? What toxic things do you want to get rid off? What are the things that actually make you happy ? You could work on self goals, acknowledge friends more, surround yourself with people with the same passion, but, this will only happen if you make a subconscious choice of letting these things happen to you by going ‘interpersonal’ that means deep inside oneself.

Do things differently

The first step to happiness is acknowledging yourself. Whatever you are indulged in, or you wish to get done away with, will fade away with time, you just need to understand yourself better and channelise changes within. Being realistic in your approach, try to turn important thoughts or observations into actions. The idea is to create a doable path to accomplishment instead of just racing to the finish line. Visualize things which you wish to do and make an honest effort to achieve them. So, this New year don’t just try to make resolutions and break them the next day, instead, try things mentioned in the article. Wishing you a very Happy New Year in advance.

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