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Investing In Quality With Premium Shirts For Men

Premium Shirts For Men

Dressing has always been the window to self-expression in the world. Whether it is an interview or a business meeting with known people, our attire makes the first impression. In fact, the first statements are made even without the wordy interaction.

Shirts are the go-to classics that have been men's saviours for all occasions. And with the right investment, one can carry on the glorious magic of premium shirts for a long time.

So, let's explore the world of premium shirts for men, the epitome of elegance and a deal-breaker for men. Also, we have enlisted twelve premium shirt makers that will justify the bucks spent.

Why are quality premium shirts for men a must for you?

Premium Shirts For Men

The present clothing scenario is geared towards fast fashion. However, it is undeniable that it doesn't fit the shoe in a professional setting. Besides the professional requirements, there are other reasons why premium shirts for men are to be considered. Let's hop on to them.

Comfort and durability: Premium shirts for men offer unparalleled durability. Owing to the use of higher-quality material, they offer a superior product over others. Hence, a one-time investment in a premium shirt equals a ten-time investment in a regular brand.

Besides, premium shirts for men offer a well-suited fit and a customised look. And what can be a better comfort than a long-lasting, customised shirt for men?

Cost-effective: Although the price tag states otherwise, in the long run, premium shirts for men offer a better budget choice. Their impressive quality takes on all the impacts of washing and usage without causing any damage to clothes, making them affordable staples.

Sophisticated look: Putting aside all the quality matters, men can make a personal style statement with their premium shirts. Nevertheless, the sophisticated outlook blends perfectly with the professional environment. Besides, a boost of confidence in one's appearance is another essential element a premium shirt offers men.

Various styles of quality premium shirts

Premium Shirts For Men

Casual style

When it comes to comfort, casual shirts for men are the best. They have a laid-back design and a bunch of collar styles, giving them versatility. One should look out for fabric type, smoothness, etc. while adding it to a casual wardrobe. Some factors to level up your casual wear are:

  • Certain collar styles are perfect for daily wear. For instance, button-up shirts can never go wrong because of their exuding relaxed vibes.

  • Fabric matters for regular wear. And linen shirts are an excellent choice to build up your wardrobe. Especially since its lightweight nature gives it a strong moisture-wicking capacity. Thereby, it stands as a pioneer for the summer seasons.

  • Besides fabric and collar style, necklines offer a range of versatility for premium shirts. And, when it comes to casual style, the no-show neckline keeps it minimalist and gives it a carefree look, making it a perfect shirt for regular wear.

Modern style

Premium shirts have undergone significant transitions from the classic old times. To upgrade your modern style, look out for the following factors:

  • Opt for Pima cotton, as it gives extra comfort and a luxurious feel.

  • A blend of asymmetric patterns adds a contemporary touch.

  • Collar styles can undoubtedly change the outlook of the shirts. One can check out modern styles, such as Mandarin collars.

Timeless style

Timeless style knows no bondage to trends and can be worn season after season. While adding this style to your cart, note these elements.

  • Only durable fabric will last you a long time. Hence, innovative fabrics rather than traditional ones take the lead. For instance, blends of chambray and denim with premium pima cotton or linen offer excellent fabric strength for shirts.

  • With regards to collar style, dress shirts with button-downs are undoubtedly a timeless classic.

  • Additionally, look for the right patterns. For instance, vertical striped dress shirts are a good option as they are never fading from the trends.

Premium shirt collections for men

This list of 11 premium shirt collections for men stands as a true blend of comfort, luxury, and elegance.

  • Brooks brothers

It is an American luxury style that has contributed a lot to men's fashion, including the button-down collar shirts that are still a testament to classiness.

The best part of the Brooks brothers is their efforts to reinvent themselves with the changing times while staying true to their core at the same time. With their presence in major cities around the world, these premium shirts for men are quite accessible to all.

Premium Shirts For Men

  • Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren resonates with the American lifestyle. And its branding style has given it fame across the world. Besides, its availability at various entry levels has made it accessible.

Besides, they offer the absolute best men’s t-shirts. The simple yet elegant polos are remarkably durable and maintain a comfortable horizon. Also, this elegant dress fits on all occasions, from casual to formal.

Premium Shirts For Men

  • Hawes and Curtis

Next on the list of premium shirts for men is the British-originated Hawes and Curtis, which has been running since 1913. The shirts are a blend of traditional techniques and contemporary styling needs.

Also, its shirts are made of high-quality cotton, an excellent fabric for all shirt types. Additionally, its innovative technology of ultimate stretch shirts made from premium stretch fabric cut is flattering. Also, the availability of an extensive set of colours and patterns caters to the tastes of men with different tastes.

Premium Shirts For Men

  • Finamore

Finamore is an Italian heritage brand that offers premium shirts for men. Besides versatility in clothing style, colours, and patterns, Finamore puts a lot of effort into putting individual preferences first. Also, it offers limited editions that attract customers looking for a unique wardrobe collection.

Premium Shirts For Men

Link:  Finamore

  • Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein blends premium-quality fabric with minimalist designs. Thereby, it brings about timeless fashion.

  • Turnbull & Asser

Another British-born premium men'swear brand is Turnbull & Asser. They are one of the world's best shirt makers, with a prestigious royal warrant. Their hand-sewn touch gives every bespoke a splendid look. 

Besides, its collection will get you through all your office days to tour days with elegance. Additionally, its well-known customer service will provide you with an easy buying option across the continents.

Premium Shirts For Men

  • Eton

Eton is another destination if you are looking for premium shirts for men. This Swedish brand offers certain innovative fabric shirts, such as its non-iron premium shirts, that still give them an upper hand over the market.

Besides, the company has been exploring sustainable fashion and offers eco-friendly fabrics such as tencel. Also, Eton offers bold colours and florals that fit in with all the style statements.

Premium Shirts For Men

Link: Eton

  • Hugo Boss

Another timeless classic that has been on the market since 1924. One can find quality premium shirts that incorporate innovative designs. Besides, this brand’s t-shirts have contemporary designs befitting the modern wardrobe trend.

Premium Shirts For Men

Link: Hugo Boss

  • Zegna

It is one of the largest men's luxurious brands that offers a complete range of menswear. Its highly innovative tactics of fabric handling and the choice of made-to-measure services cater to the consumer's needs.

Premium Shirts For Men

Link: Zegna

  • Salvatore piccolo

This luxury menswear has a unique blend of intercontinental style. It redefines classics with its own perception of modern men, hence creating its own signature designs.

Also, 70% of the sources of fabrics are from reputed Italian factories, so they never compromise on their quality.

Premium Shirts For Men

  • Emma Willis

Emma Willis nurtured this luxurious brand. And it has now become one of the most prestigious brands in the UK. They offer a range of ready-to-wear shirts as well as bespoke men's shirts.

The high quality of Egyptian cotton and linen is coupled with a softer and more delicate touch, distinguishing them from others. Also, they strive to put in environmentally friendly shirtmaking to provide customers with sustainable options.

Premium Shirts For Men

15 different t-shirt color and shirt colour combinations that every man should try

This list of comfort colors will be a good checklist for you while choosing various types of premium shirts for men.

  1. Black is one of the wardrobe staples that works well for every man. Owing to its versatility, pair it up with your desired bottoms, and you are good to go.

  2. Navy blue provides a sense of sophisticated style. And it can be a good add-on to the professional side of the wardrobe.

  3. Teal combines the richness of blue and green and is inclusive of all undertones.

  4. Grey's neutral nature makes it a timeless choice.

  5. Yellow is one of the vibrant colours that surely add a bright charm to casual outfits.

  6. Red has its charm, whether it is formal or casual wear, as it works for men with all undertones.

  7. White is the flagbearer of formalism. And a white shirt is a must to add a timeless classic to your wardrobe.

  8. Army green is an alternative neutral that you can add when combined with black and white.

  9. Orange has a similar energetic vibrance to yellow. Hence, you can choose either of them to be the bold colours of your wardrobe.

  10. Maroon’s dark shade, when paired with neutrals like beige, builds up harmonious attire.

  11. Light blue has a fresh appearance that works best in formal settings.

  12. Various green shades are a must if you love monochrome magic. While keeping the same core, it still allows diversity.

  13. Navy blue and grey bring about a calm effect, making it suitable for a business trip.

  14. Red and white colours create a combination of elevated basics. The bright red is warmed by the touch of white, giving it a subtle appearance.

  15. Yellow and blue colours balance each other in all shades to bring out a steady look.


Shirts have been in men's fashion for ages. And it's undeniable that their impact on men's style statements is still stronger than ever.

Premium shirts bring the best of all the worlds. The carefully chosen fabric by the skilled artisans makes the difference between regular and premium shirts.

Besides, its extreme durability, comfort, and sophisticated style are unmatched. Also, the care for details to make every shirt specific to its wearer helps men find their right fit.

If you are looking for classical and simple premium shirts for men, brands such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren would be the ones for you.

For a variety of bold colours and patterns, Hawes and Curtis, Finamore, would be the best. Besides, one can find sustainable options among the likes of Eton and Emma Willis.

Written by: Sameena

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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