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Instant Changes You Need to Make Now

Get away from us (screen)

In this highly advanced world, with technology at a high-pace, we- humans are running after it every second. We only do this to make our lives easier and maybe save some time. From the Rikshaw Wala who drives me to the metro station to billionaires like Elon Musk, we have sunk deep in technology and worse, now we are addicted.

Yes, on the contrary to the subject of this paragraph, I would like to point out that you have failed if you read this far. Screen addiction is a real syndrome and our best friends who keep us company overnight, our smartphones have become our worst enemies. We have been caught in this cycle for more than a decade and only now the intellectuals have come to realize what a true pain it is going to be. So, get away from us now – the phone, the computer, the tablet and look around, you might find something worthwhile.

You don’t need us or anyone else

This article might sound redundant, as I am one of you and I understand where social media stands in everyone of our lives. For some it is a mere source of entertainment, for some of you it might be the only way to stay in touch with your family, might be business for some, but these screens have taken over that these reasons are far from the real ones that stay deep inside. The emotional turmoil that one goes through looking at stories of friends far away, feeling validated by the number of likes and then displeasing yourself with nauseous thoughts when your social goals aren’t meant, that is the viscous cycle. You don’t need them or even me to tell you this that ‘the one who dares, is the one who pays the price’. So, make a choice that stands by your side.

Dive Deeper

No, I did not mean go snorkeling with three other such friends who you meet after decades. But I mean dive deep in your soul, look inside and on the outside because where you are, no on else can be. In this world of screens, you will merely find puppets but when you look inside you find the person you are and the person you can be, and to be better everyday, Isn’t that every man’s dream?

Be your best friend

Yes, we all are aware that a dog is the only true best friend of man and no one can replace him, but here we try to imply that by only and only prioritizing yourself ahead and above of everything can one truly be better in this rotten world of growing parasites. Unless a man cannot sort his priorities in the right manner, the dream is going to be further apart.

Fear nothing

Yes, that last obstacle that you faced might have been a little intense but you know good things come with a price and they do certainly take time. So, walk the steps you couldn’t or maybe you plan to, do it without a doubt, because a lot of people don’t, and the only thing stopping them is fear.

Fear of the final result of one’s actions and the true outcome that they have to face, can make one not to take that path. It could be the same if the situation is inverted. And in any case you need to make a crucial decision of abandoning your dreams to save someone else’s but none of the cases can justify the level of confusion and frustration a man goes through. So don’t think too much and make the decision and be true to your vision, whatever maybe the outcome of the mission, there is always the next one. A person with manly-hood never disregard their own decisions and is always ready to take whatever life may throw at them. Stay fearless.

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