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Hustling with time : Men and Time management

Time is the only resource that every human on Earth receives in exactly the same amount each and every day. Period. More time cannot never be purchased nor can it be exchanged! Every day has 24 hours for us all. The time allotted to Bill Gates and the peasants living in the slums is equal. Yet many of us often feel as though we don’t have enough time. Time management is one of the biggest things that is learnt throughout your life as a man and Palak Sharma is here to make you learn how!

People frequently utter phrases like “I wish I had more time to exercise,” “I wish I had more time to start that business,” or “I wish I had more time to tour the world. Well, Palak Sharma is actually here to tell you, that you actually do have the time. You simply need to quit making excuses, organise your priorities, and discover how to use your time more effectively.

Get acquainted with a few time management techniques. Continue reading to know of a few excellent suggestions for improving your time management skills.

Make a to-do list.

One of the best methods I’ve found to use my time far more effectively is through this. I write down exactly what I intend to accomplish for the day as soon as I open my eyes each morning. This can even be done the evening before as well.

The usual culprits are various work-related tasks, my workout regimen, and any other administrative issues.

I then cross each item off one by one as I go about my day. It’s a satisfying sensation that makes it much easier for me to do my everyday tasks.

Conduct a Time Audit

It’s a fantastic idea to be able to see where your time truly goes.

For a few days, keep track of everything you do to identify the activities where you are spending excessive amounts of time. Adjust and prioritise accordingly after that so that your productivity time is increased.

Establish a deadline.

Do you ever feel that some of the things you complete in a day take a little bit too long?

I frequently have the impression that I can make a task take much longer than it ought to. By putting a time restriction on a task, I push myself to finish it regardless of the circumstances. Restrict the time on the things you do throughout the day so that you learn to make the most out of your limited time.

Begin with your most crucial tasks.

Always start the day off with the most crucial duties. I believe that the first few things I do each day are where I may perform at my best. This may even be related to exercising, calls, emails, studies etc. And as the day progresses, the majority of us start to feel a little worn out. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take care of your crucial responsibilities as soon as you can.

Take It One Step At A Time

You can’t accomplish everything at once because you’re not Superman! Simply take it slow and do each item on your to-do list one at a time. Do not try to muddle up your mind by overburdening yourself. This may also lead to a burnout where you are too exhausted to do anything and lose motivation.

Learn How to Outsource and Delegate

Particularly if you operate a firm, etc., you can’t imagine accomplishing everything by yourself. Learn to trust the proper individuals and ask them for assistance with certain tasks.

You’ll be amazed at how much time this saves you. Your valuable time will be greatly liberated, allowing you to concentrate on more crucial matters.

Modify Your Routine

Making a few adjustments is usually beneficial for time management as well as personal development. Change things up by getting out of bed an hour earlier or setting your alarm for an hour earlier in the morning to give yourself that extra time to get things done. Such minor adjustments can truly help you feel better.

Another change we can make that will help us in the long run is working on a good morning routine. This will allow you to start your day strong and on a disciplined note. You will notice that you tend to work with the same pace and enthusiasm for the rest of the day. So, pay attention to your morning self!

8. Practice Saying “No”

Do you always say yes? It’s very likely because many men are guilty of it!

We all hate disappointing people, so we always joyfully say yes when they ask us to do one or two favours. However, this frequently results in individuals abusing your generosity and your time, so learn when to say no. Just say no if your day is already completely booked with things you need to get done. This will not only increase your self respect but others would respect your constraints as well.

Hurry up

Most of the time, we are all waiting.

Whether it’s waiting to board a plane, in line to see someone, or waiting for the food to arrive. Make the most of this time by doing something constructive rather than just lazing about. Write down your daily plans, read a book, or tune into a podcast.

Because of this, your waiting period won’t seem like a complete waste of time and plus, it won’t even feel like you are waiting as the time will just fly by!

Seven advantages to time management

With effective time management, you may complete more tasks in less time, which results in more free time as a result of your productivity. Having enough time in your hands allows you to invest it in other things as well.

Here are seven of the greatest advantages you’ll experience as soon as you discover how to better manage your time:

Reduces Stress Levels

You’ll be performing better in your tasks and be more productive if you manage your time well. As you begin to cross things off your to-do list, it will distinctively reduce your stress level.

Provides focus on the task at hand

You can better concentrate on your objectives and the completion of the task at hand by learning time management skills. People who can maintain their attention on the topic or goal at hand become successful sooner than those who find it difficult to do so. They are able to live every moment in their life as they are focussed on what they are doing instead of what they would do or what they were supposed to do!

Develop self-belief.

You may do more with better time management, which will boost your self-confidence in your abilities and motivate you to complete the tasks at hand leading to increased time in your hands.

A reduction in procrastination

Time management is not a skill. Being committed to the work at hand that you have set for yourself is all that is required. It is a habit! Procrastination is also a habit and hence, should be decreased as for increased productivity.

Relaxation Period

By managing your time better, you can have more free time to unwind and engage in leisure activities. Living comfortably inspires us as people and drives us in the direction of achievement. “All work and no play is gonna make you a dull boy” as they say!

Monetary Benefits

It’s likely that you use your time management abilities in your job or business. Better commercial transactions or even new, successful ventures could result from this. Cause you should always remember that Time = Money, a strong belief to live by to understand how life works.

Improving Your Health

If you are better at managing your time, you can schedule things like exercise, meditation, and making healthy meals instead of eating unhealthy foods. This will allow for increased productivity and concentration as you are in your best self and already ahead of those that are not taking enough care of themselves.

One of the best things you can do is to make time for exercise and nutritious meals as a means of long term investment, not only in work but also in life!


Every day, the same amount of time has been allotted to each of us. 24 Hours!

It’s wonderful to have complete control over how you want to use that time. Therefore, use this time as effectively as you can because you won’t get it back. Make every moment count!

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