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How to rock your look with cotton shirts

Cotton has been an evergreen fabric in a man’s wardrobe. It’s not only comfortable but helps you rock almost every occasion possible. Cotton shirts are highly preferred by people, especially during the summer season. Cotton is a soft, fluffy, and staple fabric that grows on a plant like a ball. Because of its skin friendly nature, people love wearing cotton clothes whenever possible. Cotton shirts are immensely popular and trending when it comes to fashion for men. They have been there for many years and are not to go out of style ever maybe.

There are different shades, patterns, and accessories that you can pair with your cotton shirts to add an edge to your look. The pattern and shade should be chosen according to the occasion too. October 7th is marked as World Cotton Day. So why don’t we take this opportunity to show you some outfit ideas to rock with your cotton shirt collection!

Pick the correct bottoms

Bottoms or your lower wear play a vital role in complementing your cotton shirt or T-shirt. You can pick trousers or jeans according to the occasion and your comfort level. Make sure you do some colour coordination. Choose the correct pair of jeans for a casual outing and sleek trousers for a small gathering function or office presentations. You can also experiment and pair your plain shirt with patterned bottoms. But if your shirt is printed, go for plain basic bottoms. Your shirt and bottoms should not overpower each other. They should look coordinated and easy on the eyes, you do not want to end up looking like a wildflower.


Well, shirts can rock when layered properly. You must have seen guys wearing a T-shirt under a shirt, which adds a young and vibrant touch to your look. This look is casual and can attract lots of people’s attention. Now, it’s up to you if you want to go with a full-sleeve shirt and a half-sleeve T-shirt or vice-versa. A full-sleeve shirt over a half-sleeve T-shirt has been ruling the casual-boy look trend for years now. If your shirt is printed, go with a plain T-shirt. Colour coordination is a must as always. Do not wear dark T-shirt shades with light-coloured shirts. Keep your shirt buttons open and flaunt your look. If you have a cool graphic t-shirt that you want to flaunt they can pair it up with a subtle plain shirt over it.

Roll-up those sleeves

Rolling up the sleeves of your cotton shirt to the elbow looks extremely attractive. This style exposes your forearms which is an extremely masculine look for a guy, especially if you have strong looking forearms. You can make 3 to 4 folds on each sleeve and roll it up to your elbows. Some shirts also have buttons near the elbow to keep your sleeve folds intact. Rolled-up sleeves can also break the on-going colour pattern and work as a small yet eye-catching detail.

Tuck in or out.

Another dilemma is whether to tuck in your shirt or not. It depends on what kind of look you want for the day. If you want a casual look, Pair your shirt with jeans and let it be untucked and free. You can also layer it with a T-shirt under it. And, if you want a smart, classy work look, pair it with trousers and tuck it in. Roll up your sleeves and make sure you have a good pair of trousers to style it up with.

You can also go for a more bolder look by leaving the top one or two buttons open. This highlights your chest and neck which is extremely desirable and attractive on a man. It makes you look steamy hot, and you are ready to steal the limelight and quite possibly a romantic interest.


Your overall look is incomplete without deciding what footwear to go with. Sports shoes or sneakers are appropriate for a casual jeans and shirt look, whereas oxfords or any type of dress shoes provide an elegant formal appearance. Whenever we talk about footwear, remember that it should not only complement your outfit but also be comfortable on your feet.


Your cotton-look shirt can hit the top-notch benchmark by adding on some minimal accessories. A sleek wrist watch is a must-have in your accessory collection. If you want your look to be a little more laid back and casual, you can also add a cap or any type of hat with it. It gives you the perfect look for vacations. Bucket hats are trending, especially among youngsters. If you are a jewellery fan, you can have a thin-width silver or gold chain along with your shirt. Make sure to keep the uppermost button open to flaunt it. You can also go for a more hippy look by adding some bracelets which add a little flair. Remember that accessories have the capability to dress up an outfit or give it an interesting personality to your whole style.


Cotton never goes out of style. But the way of styling it keeps on evolving throughout the years.. You can rock your old cotton shirt in so many different ways that you won’t even realise it’s an old shirt. A little change in styling and accessories can completely change your look. So, this World Cotton day, we hope we provide you with the necessary tips and guides to style up your mundane cotton shirts to statement style pieces.

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