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How to keep things hygienic down there?

“Hygiene is two thirds of health.” This Lebanese proverb does make a lot of sense. So many diseases are caused by poor hygiene, especially intimate hygiene. It’s the most important place that requires proper hygiene. Men tend to be lazy when it comes to cleaning and think of it as a task. Rather than a task, clening should be thought of as a necessity in order to be healthy.

Don’t worry. We are here to guide you as to how to do it properly.

Frequent wash

 Make sure you wash, your private parts, and the area around it after every sweaty workout session or a busy day’s work. After all, you don’t want the smell of sweat and smegma make you vomit. Using mildly warm water for the process will be a smart move. 

Dry Spell

Keeping the outside of your private parts clean and dry will help a lot in sustaining hygiene. So, after a good wash, make sure you wipe the area around your private parts too. Moisture can make that area prone to many infections. So, don’t forget to keep a check on that. A dry spell on the outside might actually be good for hygiene and your overall well-being.

Tidy Underwear

Good genital health can be ensured by wearing clean underwear. A dirty underwear can make your crotch a hotspot for bacteria. This can not only cause you frequent itching, and irritation but could also create the foul smell of smegma. It’s super unpleasant for both you, and your mates. So, it’s better if you wash your underwear regularly, and wear a clean one daily.


Trim your pubes frequently, at least on a weekly basis. When you do so, be gentle. Going overboard and doing it harshly can result in irritation that might persist longer than you expect. You can shave it too, use the shaving foam. Make sure you take your time and be careful while cutting the grass. An overall clean look is ready!


According to countless studies, it has been proven time and again that personal hygiene can improve life expectancy. When talking about personal hygiene, hygiene of intimate places is more important. Intimate areas need more care than any other place on the body. Life is full of surprises, be sure that poor hygiene is not the one for you.

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