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How to handle an agitated or angry person

People of diverse ages, men and women alike, are prone to being agitated or showing anger. The slightest of things and adverse situations can trigger anger in someone. Sometimes, anger can lead to physical altercations and even physical harm, something a person is guilty of throughout his life. Trivial situations, such as fighting for a seat in a bus, or more than this, trigger anger in people. We often try to do our best when it comes to handling someone’s anger, but it goes in vain as the person’s anger just keeps on increasing. What should we do in such situations, and how do we know that we are following the right method? Here is an article suggesting dos and don’ts while trying to handle an angry person:

Don’t trust your instincts

When a person reacts in an angry way and creates a fuss, you immediately try to calm him or her down out of your own subjective feelings, because that makes you angry too, and you don’t want to feel upset, so you try to do things that are emotionally reactive. Don’t let your emotions override the situation, and instead try to calm down the other person without stirring up your feelings as being frantic in such a situation might turn to be counter-productive.

It’s better if you avoid telling the person to “calm down” 

Telling someone to calm down may act as a reactant, causing them to become even more enraged. Usually, in the heat of the moment, an individual is prone to overreact, and telling him to calm down doesn’t help and instead triggers more anger. Instead of telling him to calm down, simply step back for a few seconds and see if you can try again later.

Maintain some distance from the agitated

There is a high possibility of the angry person or the agitated getting into a physical altercation. At that time, you need to be a little away from the person; otherwise, you can also be hit with a few blows, coming under the wrath of the agitated person. It is prudent to maintain some distance and avoid being subjected to physical violence. You can always try to talk to the person when he is a bit chilled out.

Try to empathise with the agitated

Most people react more when they are not understood, and this ambiguity leads them to react in a more agitated way. It’s better if you try to listen and empathise with the person, keeping your subjective view of the matter aside. If the agitated feels understood, it might make him less angry.

Go for a walk with the person

Try to comfort the agitated person by asking him to come for a walk with you. And, during the walk, ask him more about what made him so agitated in the first place. Anger is quick to come to one’s head and almost dissipates at the same speed, so going for a walk may help fuse the situation.

In A Nutshell 

Situations may require you to behave in a certain way almost very suddenly or unconsciously, so it is better to have an understanding and try to handle the situation more coherently. This article will help you act in a more calm and logical way.

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