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How to flirt in the ‘world of sexting’

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

YES, we agree that flirting is and has always been tough! Especially in a world of sexting where it is too easy to just put out emojis. Today’s world runs on short and sweet but lacks the maturity of handling flirting.

If you, like me, are dealing with a relationship where everything is majorly said and expressed in texts, the relationship has also not yet reached a stage where sexting is an option. Well then I have news for you. Flirting is not every man’s forte and it definitely requires skills and etiquettes that can drive any man crazy.

So, if you are looking for some answers and tips, we have them here.

1. Listen to communicate

One of the major mistakes that anyone can do is that they listen to reply and not to communicate. If you have already been talking for a long time, then you pretty much know their likes and dislikes. If not, ask. Be patient, listen to their rants. Listen to what their ideas about and around romance are.

This is what will help you to put your charm and spin the conversation. You will know what can keep their attention and what they are looking for.

Some examples:

Hey, I know you love RK’s music, so I thought of sending a voice note.

Your love for Korean drama intrigues me, and guess what, I am binging them right now.

2. Be Cheeky and sometimes obvious

Many times hearing, ‘You are so cheeky!’ could be a good sign. I don’t mean that you should be a creep or be cringey about it. Just use short, cheeky, smart and fun messages. Even if your crush replies with, ‘that was so cheeky’, it will still bring up a smile on their face. And isn’t that the major goal of flirting?

Some examples:

I don’t have anything to talk about, but I have been missing you the whole day.

Have been missing that cute face, care to share a pic?

You have been on my mind the whole day; I hope you are in my dreams as well. Good Night.


Another really important part of showing interest is to compliment. And please be sincere about them. Go through the things you appreciate about your crush and don’t let any opportunity go to waste.

We all like to hear nice things about us, and a compliment a day is not going to harm anyone. Compliment tells the other person how sincere you are to notice their quality. While flirting, it is your go to. Flattery can save your day.

Some examples:

You are hilarious and smart; I learn a lot from you.

It’s really inspirational to see you be so calm even when not in an ideal environment.

4. Be playful

Teasing and being playful will help you both understand each other’s temperaments more. What clicks and doesn’t is a gateway to understand the other person. It might get a little tricky if the other person does not take jokes in a good manner. But it will also make you ready for what’s to come.

If you do not want to take any risk, then the other way is to ask playful questions. This will give you an edge to be romantic and also ideas for good dates.

Some examples:

Do you like red or it just suits you a lot?

Hey dear, how are you feeling now? Or should I make an appearance at your place?

5. Be expressive

One of the major things that men sometimes lack at, is to be expressive. A ‘hmm’ to the reply of ‘Hey, I was missing you’ will end the conversation. Being expressive does not always need to be just through texts. Use your inner creator and send images, emojis, and even memes.

These will make the other person feel part of your life and will enrich your conversation with personal details. Sharing images and emojis will help your crush understand you better. And who knows, this could also lead you to the way of ‘sexting’ (if you are really looking forward to it).

Some examples:

I really wish you were here today, I have been craving to cuddle and hug you.

(Selfie) Should I shave or you think this look works on you?

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