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How To Choose The Perfect Laptop Bags For Men

Updated: Apr 5

 Laptop Bags For Men

In the world of laptop bags, finding "the one" is an adventure worth embarking on. But fear not! We've got the map to guide you through the maze of options. Discover the essentials: Protection, Storage, Quality, and Style. Learn why these factors matter and how they can make or break your bag choice. From sleek backpacks to chic totes and classic messenger bags, we'll reveal the top contenders in each category. Get ready to find your laptop's perfect match – blending style, functionality, and durability seamlessly.

Join us on this journey to ensure your laptop travels in style and safety wherever you go!

Considerations Before Purchasing a Laptop Bag

 Laptop Bags For Men

Before investing in a laptop bag, it's important to assess its functionality and suitability for your needs. Here are three key factors to consider:

  1. Protection: A quality laptop bag should prioritize safeguarding your device with a designated compartment for secure storage. Ensure that it provides adequate padding and support to shield your laptop from impacts and scratches.

  2. Storage Space: Look for a bag that offers sufficient room to accommodate accessories like cords and chargers, in addition to your laptop. Additional pockets or compartments can help keep your belongings organized and easily accessible.

  3. Quality and Style: Opt for a bag that not only looks good but is also well-made. Avoid outdated styles or oversized totes that may lack adequate protection or professionalism. Instead, explore modern options such as tech-ready briefs, shoulder bags, or backpacks that combine style with functionality.

When selecting a traditional leather laptop bag, consider the size of your laptop to ensure a proper fit and sufficient protection. Choose a bag with a laptop compartment tailored to your device's dimensions, and look for added padding for enhanced security.

While budget is a consideration, investing in a higher-quality bag can be cost-effective in the long run. Quality bags tend to last longer, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing environmental impact. Look for brands that offer comprehensive warranties to protect your investment and provide peace of mind in case of any issues. By prioritizing protection, storage, quality, and warranty coverage, you can select a laptop bag that meets your needs and offers both style and durability.


How to Choose the Right Laptop Bag

When it comes to carrying your laptop, there are a variety of options available to suit your individual needs and personal style. Whether you prefer the functionality of a backpack, the sophistication of a tote, or the convenience of a messenger bag, choosing the right laptop carry is crucial for protecting your device and making your daily commute a breeze. Here are some important factors to consider when deciding which style is best for you:


 Laptop Bags For Men

When it comes to laptop backpacks, the Tom Bihn Synapse 25, Fjallraven Kanken, and Osprey METRON are the top choices on the market. The Tom Bihn Synapse 25 is known for its versatility, with multiple compartments and pockets for organizing belongings, while the Fjallraven Kanken stands out for its durable and water-resistant Vinylon F material. On the other hand, the Osprey METRON is highly praised for its comfort and ventilated back panel.

The Tom Bihn Synapse 25 features a padded laptop compartment, making it ideal for tech-savvy individuals. While the Fjallraven Kanken lacks a dedicated laptop compartment, it is extremely durable and well-suited for outdoor use. The Osprey METRON, with its comfortable harness system, is designed with the urban commuter in mind.

All three backpacks offer different features to cater to varying needs and preferences. Whether you need a backpack for daily commuting, outdoor adventures, or tech organization, these laptop backpacks offer versatility, durability, and comfort. However, it's important to note the specific features and drawbacks of each to make the best decision for your personal use.


 Laptop Bags For Men

A tote is a versatile and essential accessory for carrying everyday items, whether for work, travel, or leisure. When choosing a tote, consider its design, comfort, and functionality.

The Mission Workshop Drift Tote and the Peak Design Everyday Tote 15L (V2) are both excellent options. The Drift Tote features a durable construction with a waterproof exterior, making it perfect for outdoor adventures. On the other hand, the Everyday Tote 15L (V2) offers a sleek and minimalist design with customizable organization options.

For tote packs, the Osprey Arcane Tote Pack and the Bellroy Duo Totepack are worth considering. The Arcane Tote Pack is designed for urban functionality, featuring multiple pockets and a padded laptop sleeve for everyday use. Meanwhile, the Bellroy Duo Totepack offers a versatile 3-in-1 design, transforming from tote to backpack to shoulder bag seamlessly.

When choosing a tote or tote pack, prioritize comfort and functionality to suit your lifestyle and needs. Consider the materials, organization features, and carrying options to find the perfect tote for your daily activities.

Messenger Bag

 Laptop Bags For Men

Laptop messenger bags by Filson and Bellroy are known for their exceptional durability, organization, and aesthetic appeal. Filson's bags are constructed with water-resistant materials and feature a padded interior to protect laptops, providing long-term durability. The spacious design and multiple pockets provide excellent organization for everyday essentials. The classic aesthetic of Filson bags makes them suitable for professional and casual use.

Bellroy's Tech Briefcase offers a business-like design with a sleek, modern aesthetic. The bag is specifically designed for laptops and features inner pockets for organizing cables, chargers, and other tech accessories. The capacity and protection of Bellroy bags ensure that laptops are secure while on the go. The lifetime of Filson bags is well-known, while Bellroy's Tech Briefcase caters to the needs of modern professionals while maintaining a stylish look.

In conclusion, both Filson and Bellroy laptop messenger bags offer excellent durability, organization, and aesthetic appeal, catering to the needs of individuals seeking reliable and stylish bags for their laptops and essentials.

Choosing a Laptop Bag That Will Protect Your Laptop and

Fragile Gear

 Laptop Bags For Men

When it comes to choosing a laptop bag, it's crucial to find one that not only protects your laptop but also keeps all your fragile gear safe and secure. Whether you're a frequent traveler, a student, or a professional, finding the right laptop bag is essential for ensuring the safety of your valuable electronic devices and accessories. From padded compartments to durable materials, there are several factors to consider when selecting a laptop bag that will provide the protection your gear needs.


Padding in a laptop bag plays a crucial role in providing both protection and comfort for the laptop. Our team members have different preferences when it comes to padding, with some preferring thicker padding for maximum protection, while others prioritize lighter padding for more comfort.

The padding around the laptop compartment is essential for protecting the laptop from any impact or pressure. It helps to absorb shocks and prevent any damage to the device. Additionally, padding in the back of the bag adds an extra layer of protection for the laptop, as well as providing comfort for the wearer by reducing pressure on the back.

Furthermore, extra padding on the straps of the bag is important for our team members who prefer to wear their laptop bag as a backpack, as it offers added comfort and support during extended wear.

Padding in a laptop bag is crucial for both protecting the laptop and ensuring the comfort of the wearer. The various preferences of our team members when it comes to padding highlights the importance of offering a range of options to cater to different needs.

False Bottom:

A false bottom in a laptop compartment is crucial for protecting your laptop from hitting the ground. It creates a cushioning layer between the laptop and the bottom of the bag, reducing the impact of any drops or bumps. This is especially important for those who are constantly on the go or travel frequently with their laptops.

When looking for a quality false bottom, it's important to consider the material and thickness. A high-quality false bottom should be thick and sturdy to provide sufficient protection. Additionally, it should be made of a shock-absorbing material such as foam or rubber to further reduce the impact on the laptop.

One example of a clever solution to this is the adjustable laptop sleeve in the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L (V2). This backpack features an adjustable sleeve that can be customized to fit different laptop sizes, providing a secure and snug fit for ultimate protection. This clever design ensures that your laptop stays in place and is well-protected, making it an ideal choice for anyone regularly carrying their laptop on their back.

A false bottom in a laptop compartment is essential for protecting your laptop from damage. Look for a quality false bottom that is thick, sturdy, and made of shock-absorbing material, and consider innovative designs like the adjustable laptop sleeve in the Peak Design Everyday Backpack for added protection.

Soft Lining:

Soft lining in laptop sleeves offers a multitude of benefits for users. Firstly, it provides a protective barrier against scratches, dings, and other potential damage, keeping laptops looking newer for longer. Additionally, the soft lining adds a luxurious and comfortable touch to the user experience, making it a pleasant and stylish accessory.

In the case of the Incase Icon Backpack, the laptop compartment's soft lining not only protects the laptop from external damage but also adds a fun tactile element to the overall design. The plush interior creates a unique sensory experience for users, adding a touch of enjoyment to the otherwise practical function of protecting the laptop.

Key features of soft lining that make it a desirable addition to laptop sleeves include its ability to cushion the laptop against impact, its non-abrasive nature that prevents scratches, and its soft and comfortable texture that enhances the overall user experience. With these features, soft lining significantly improves the overall functionality and aesthetics of laptop sleeves, making them an essential accessory for anyone on the go.

Alternative Protection

The DSPTCH Utility Tote is a versatile alternative laptop bag with its durable construction and ample interior organization. It features a laptop compartment, multiple pockets, and a water-resistant exterior, making it perfect for everyday use. However, its lack of padding in the laptop compartment may be a downside for some users.

The Topo Designs Global Briefcase 3-Day is another option known for its durability and versatile carry options. It can be used as a briefcase, shoulder bag, or backpack, making it perfect for travel and commuting. The interior organization includes a padded laptop sleeve and multiple pockets. Its main drawback is its hefty weight, which may not be suitable for some users.

Finally, the Mystery Ranch 3-Way Briefcase (Expandable) stands out for its expandable feature, allowing users to adjust the capacity based on their needs. It offers a padded laptop compartment, internal organization, and multiple carry options. However, its high price point may be a downside for budget-conscious consumers.

Unlike traditional laptop bags, these alternative options offer greater versatility and durability with their unique features. They are suitable for individuals who prioritize organization and functionality in their bags, making them a good alternative option for users with specific needs.

Weather Resistance

The best weather-proof laptop bags on the market are made of high-quality materials such as water-resistant nylon or polyester with durable coatings to repel water and keep the contents dry. These bags also feature sealed zippers and additional weather protection options, such as waterproof compartments or rain flaps, to ensure maximum weather resistance.

When comparing the Timbuk2 Parker Commuter and the Rains laptop case, both are designed to withstand inclement weather. The Timbuk2 Parker Commuter features a waterproof TPU lining and a water-resistant flap closure, while the Rains laptop case is made of a waterproof PU blend and has a waterproof aqua guard coil zipper. Both bags are highly weather-resistant, but the Timbuk2 Parker Commuter offers additional protection with its sealed seams and extra rain flaps, making it a great choice for heavy rain or snow conditions.

The best weather-proof laptop bags are constructed with high-quality water-resistant materials, sealed zippers, and additional weather protection options. The Timbuk2 Parker Commuter and the Rains laptop case are both excellent choices for withstanding inclement weather, with the Timbuk2 Parker Commuter offering extra features for maximum weather resistance.

Best Overall:

Price: $245

Storage: Fits laptops up to 17 inches; main compartment with seven pockets; separate laptop compartment with one pouch.

Comfort: Breathable back panel and padded shoulder straps

Material: Waterproof, recycled polyester fabric, recycled polyester lining, vegan leather trim

Best less-expensive backpack:

Price: $134

Storage: Three options that fit laptops from 13 or 17 inches; main compartment with laptop sleeve and zippered pocket

Comfort: Padded shoulder strap

Material: Vinylon-F, a synthetic fiber that’s weather and dust resistant

Best daily-commute laptop backpack:


Storage: Fits laptops up to 13 or 16 inches; main compartment with laptop sleeve and five pockets.

Comfort: Padded shoulder straps and back.

Material: Neoprene

Best splurge-worthy travel laptop backpack:

Price: $330

Storage: Fits laptops up to 13 and 16 inches; main compartment with pouch and adjustable straps; separate laptop compartment.

Comfort: Padded shoulder straps and back.

Material: Nylon

Best laptop backpack for gym enthusiasts:

Price: $149

Storage: Fits laptops up to 16 inches; main compartment with laptop sleeve and several pockets. Comfort: Padded shoulder straps and back.

Material: Polyester


Best high-capacity laptop backpack:

Price: $195

Storage: Fits laptops up to 16 inches; main compartment with four pockets and tablet sleeve, separate laptop compartment.

Comfort: Adjustable straps with loops for attaching accessories.

Material: 600D rPet + tarpaulin

Written by: Akriti Rastogi

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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