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How to Cherish your Relationship with your Sister

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

You and your sister must have a strong relationship. While you must be busy fighting over which television channel to watch and who will fill the water bottle on which day, you cannot see her hurt by anyone in the whole world. That is the bond between a brother and a sister where any brother is ready to give up his life happily for his sister’s happiness. You need to cherish your relationship with your sister and make her realise how much you love her despite all the arguments and fights.

So, you just came back from a date and your sister is ready to break your bubble by telling your parents that you were out with a girl. Or perhaps, she just got back home after giving a bad exam and there you are ready with a box of chocolate chip cookies. Well, this is what happens when you have a sister around at home. Small arguments turn into huge fights and soon you parents will catch you having a fist fight. At the same time the bond between a sister and a brother can be unbreakable.

We all know that no matter how much you argue or fight, there is too much love between you two and you cannot stand the thought of your sister getting hurt (even by an insect). Wouldn’t you like to know how to cherish your relationship with your sister this Raakshabandhan? Have a look below.

Treat Her as Your Best Friend

Your sister can be your best friend

No matter how many petty fights take place between you and your sister, she is still going to be the very first bond you ever made. There is a deep bond that you share with her. No matter how much you fight with her because she stole your favourite watch, you will still try to protect her at any cost. So instead of just treating her as your sister (whether younger or older), treat her as your best friend, with whom you can share anything and everything. Spend time with her like you spend with your other friends.

Compliment Her

Did your sister just win a science competition? Or did she just get into the college of her choice? No matter what she achieves in life (or not), keep complimenting and praising her and make sure that she knows that you are always there for her. Such compliments and praises will boost her confidence, making her reach out for the stars.

Do Chores Together

We are sure that you would prefer that your sister does the dishes alone rather than you participating in the chore. However, doing chores together can really help you cherish your relationship with your sister. Whether it is the cleaning or cooking, it will help you in creating a stronger and stable bond with your sister that you can carry on for a lifetime. After all, it is not just her job to do the chores.

Avoid Competition

Avoid competition with your sister

Your sister is an individual so it is pretty obvious that she can be much better at something than you. Perhaps she is better at school than you or in sports. However, this does not mean that you start competing with her just because you become jealous. The truth is that you might be better at something than her. You could be a better cook or have a better relationship. Competition is not the key to cherishing your relationship with your sister.


Being a brother comes with a whole lot of responsibilities. He has a deep bond with his sister and this relationship is meant to be carried on for a lifetime. With such a deep bond, a man should know how to cherish his relationship with his sister and the above tips will certainly help you out. Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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