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How Smartphones Killed These Innovative Gadgets

Doesn’t our entire life depend on our phones nowadays, we are completely psyched about what phone we should buy and almost amazed by phones that are released almost everyday now. Each day we are introduced to a new update to our smartphones to make our lives easier. We use our smartphones to assist us in every way like listening to music, capturing pictures, documenting important personal data. There is a slight chance that you readers might be reading this post on your smartphone itself. That is because we are living in a world dominated by smartphones. While we loved this new trend, it came at a cost of losing many essential products. Many died due to the revolution of smartphones. Here are the products that were sacrificed.


It probably never crossed your mind but we all had calculators in our home to do basic mathematics back in the day. Whether our mom would use it to match the bill from the general store or dads to calculate the monthly expenses. Since the arrival of smartphones these calculators are dead. Scientists still use these calculators for basic calculations of science, mathematics and physics. Apart from that we cannot see these calculators. Although my uncle still uses his cello calculator to do the bills in his shop!

Digital cameras

Digital cameras are making a comeback in this fast smartphone league but they are still majorly consumed by photography enthusiasts unlike earlier times when we all used them to capture our solemn moments. We purchased point and shoot cameras to capture memories and moments from birthdays, vacations and many more celebrations. Since smartphones have gotten sharper and keep getting better every year, it would be difficult to see the revival of digital cameras as a mass consumer product anytime soon.

GPS navigation

Do you remember tomtom, garmin, mapmyindia? Well, these were all GPS systems that died because and have been overtaken by smartphones. We could see navigation systems installed in cars, taxis and trucks but it isn’t the case now. In 2008, garmin sold more than 45 million GPS units but that number was overtaken by google when they provided maps for free. It was a norm to charge for navigation but the smartphone revolution changed it.

MP3 players

Karma is the word we can use for MP3 players dying. Like the way they killed CDs and cassettes, smartphones killed the most popular music streaming devices, the MP3 players. Since the first iPhone launched, music streaming has been easier with apps like apple music and spotify. And when android came into the picture, users could simply transfer downloaded music to smartphones. The fact that MP3 players were cool a decade ago, it is nostalgic to own an MP3 player.

DVD players

Not very long ago, portable DVD players were an essential for those who commuted and travelled frequently to watch their own movies. Now they are just a replacement if your screens on the flight aren’t working. Portable DVD players were a big deal for almost everyone but it was all drowned by the introduction of smartphones and tablets. Now you can carry them around and simply stream movies, shows from around the world on netflix, prime video and other OTT platforms.

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