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How Fiction Romanticises Cigarettes

Tommy Shelby, arguably the coolest character form the two time British Academy Film Award winning Tv series, ‘Peaky blinders’, has more to his character than being stoic and carrying a brooding demeanour that makes him so iconic and that is his epic way of smoking cigarettes. Smoking was a big part of Cillian Murphy’s character, ‘Tommy Shelby’, as he is rarely seen without a cigarette in the entirety of the series. Which begs the question, would male teenagers be compelled to emulate Tommy Shelby’s swagger by smoking? If yes, then why do so many movies and tv shows contain tobacco imagery, even though it might not add much to the bigger picture itself. So where does the solution lie? Removing all tobacco imagery from films and tv series or restricting the viewership of impressionable teenagers?

Smoking and entertainment media