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How do I Know What my Personality Hashtag is?

Updated: Mar 4

Man confused about his personality hashtag

Understanding one's personality and personality traits is critical for personal development and the development of meaningful relationships. Men should understand that their personality is a complicated mix of traits, actions, and attributes that form who they are.

Self-awareness is essential. Recognizing one's own talents and limitations enables personal growth. It teaches men how to leverage their abilities for success while also addressing areas that require work.

Individuality must be valued. Nobody is alike, and that is a strength. Accepting one's individuality and honesty leads to more rewarding interactions.

In this article, we delve into a brief understanding of 'Personality' and 'Personality Taits' and explain how men can know their hashtags based on their traits.

What is Personality?

Personality is the integrated ability of a human to perceive various external stimuli and internal factors.

These characteristics are what make human behavior unique to each person. It ultimately guides the interests, desires, and achievements of people.

  • Taking up personality tests

Scientifically reliable tests may be one of the ways you can know your personality hashtag. But you must remember a few points while taking these tests.

Be as transparent as you can. It means don't look for the options that are more socially fit; rather, choose the one you feel the most connected with.

Various tests exist, and guidelines vary with each one. So make sure to understand them properly for higher accuracy.

What is my Personality Hashtag?

Wondering what personality hashtag suits you better? Then set it up, because we are here to crack the code for you.

But hang on a minute to know exactly what those coded letters are.

The Myers and Briggs dichotomous indicator identifies people with a trait that suits them the best. And all these traits are grouped equally to form a range of personality combinations.

For instance, a person can be an E or an I, which is an extrovert or an introvert. Furthermore, other such bridges include S or N (sensing or intuitive), T or N (thinking or feeling), and J or P (judging or perceiving).

Now that you have a glimpse of what it is, let's hop on to find the best personality hashtag for you.

#ISTJ: If you are someone who is energized by "me time" and believes in facts and planning ahead, this personality hashtag is made for you. People who fall under ISTJ are practical in their approach and tend to be loyal and traditionalists.

#ISTP: If you relate to all the traits above except that you are a spontaneous decider rather than a planned one, ISTP is your identity type. Also, these men prioritize new experiences.

#ISFJ: If you believe in a planned life and tend to prioritize heart over brain thinking, this is where your type of search ends. Often, ISFJ can end up in trouble due to their kind and reliable nature.

#ISFP: These introverts are also heart thinkers like ISFJ but believe in spontaneous actions rather than plans. They approach life with an open mind and make the most of every moment.

#INFJ: INFJ is one of the rarest personalities. These introverts are compassionate and great listeners. Also, they are nurturers and help people bring their best to the table. Thus, they are also named the counselors.

#INFP: This group believes in individuality and is driven by a meaningful approach to life. Besides, they are highly empathic and tend to be mediators of peace.

#INTJ: They are a set of problem-solvers who have faith in abstract concepts rather than immediate facts. Also, they bring out a glorious linkage of innovative and logical behavior.

#INTP: If you are a thinker and look at life through philosophical lenses, your personality hashtag is INTP. Besides, thoughtfulness and an independent nature are a combo of INTP.

#ESTP: Highly outgoing individuals who light up every room they enter. Although they are active and hang around people, they prefer to work in their own smarter ways rather than being managed by others.

#ESTJ: They are extroverts with a planned sense of life. Also, they believe in hard work and make up the best plan executors.

#ESFP: ESFP, aka the performers, is the life of the parties. Love and friendliness towards people are their natural traits. Additionally, they sail through life with their own creative methods.

#ESFJ: The ultimate caregiving category on this list. They see the best in people. And they are outgoing and calm in nature.

#ENFP: Curious and observant with higher hopes. They take on huge tasks and sometimes fall short. However, they are excellent communicators and are free spirits.

#ENFJ: They are the most kind and helpful people. But this can turn negative, as they can neglect themselves in the process.

#ENTP: Strong-headed individuals who believe in overcoming every obstacle they face to reach their goal. One cannot discourage them, as they have great mental agility to maintain balance.

#ENTJ: They have a strategic approach to everything. And always have the idea to step ahead and see the bigger picture. This makes them natural leaders on the list.

The Hexaco

Besides the MBTI, two scientifically accurate approaches to getting to know yourself better include the Big Five and the Hexaco.

The Big Five Factors

The beauty of this test lies in its continuum. Various theories group people into either of two categories. However, it differs in understanding that each trait occurs in a range.

For example, instead of grouping people as extroverts or introverts, this theory states that people are in between the ranges of extroversion.

Its simple five factors remarkably cover most of the personality terminologies. And is generally called the OCEAN.

  • O-Openness

Openness refers to an interest in learning about new things. It may be simply put as the ability to think "out of the box."

People with higher openness scores usually prefer the unconventional and look for new things every day. In contrast, lower scores indicate a preference for a comfortable daily routine.

One must remember that a low score doesn't indicate bad, and a higher score indicates good.

  • C-Conscientiousness

It is a range to indicate the discipline or thoughtfulness of a person. People with higher scores believe in having everything organized. In contrast, people with lower scores tend to be a bit disorganized and impulsive.

  • E-Extraversion

It indicates the degree of extrovertness or introversion of a person. A higher introversion score refers to people charged with external stimuli, especially social gatherings. On the other hand, people with lower scores prefer a quiet environment.

  • A-Agreeableness

It categorizes people based on how they respond to others' needs. One can be either sensitive to others' needs or manipulative to benefit from them.

  • N-Neuroticism

Different people perceive an event in different ways. What can cause anxiety for one person can be fairly tolerable for another.

The neuroticism scale measures people's responses and tolerance to various stimuli. Also, it gives a peek into the emotional stability of an individual.

Tests to Identify Your Personality Hashtag


The Big Five test offers a reliable approach. However, with regard to various cultures across the world, a need was felt to add the sixth factor, namely, honesty and humility.

With inspiration from the Big Five, Ashton and Lee put forward the Hexaco test to better understand the human personality.

This test measures people's sense of responsibility towards the regulations and how they handle situations when the rules don't favor them.

A higher honesty-humility scale implies that people prefer to stick to the set rules and follow them with honesty. In contrast, the people on the other end bend the rules for their personal gains.


It's always a wiser option to get to know oneself. And whatever we do in our lives surely links to our personalities. Whether it is the people we like to be around or the right workplace, if we connect the dots, it points out the personality type.

One must remember that as we travel through various phases of life, we mold accordingly. And with each stage, our personalities evolve. But don't let it concern you, since building our own experiences is the best way to grow out of the box.

Written by - Sameena

Edited by - Bhagwat Jha

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