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How a Man Can Plan a Proposal

Dating someone and being in a relationship can be a wonderful experience with romantic experiences that will make a mark in your memory and will give you something to always look forward to. Whether you met your partner in high school or through a dating app, nothing matters when you are in love. The first times of your relationship seem to be delightful, whether the first kiss or the first anniversary.

Along with that, things become even more serious when you start meeting each other’s parents and get along with them. Everyone starts seeing you as the perfect couple, whether your friend or family and probably wonder when you will plan on tying the knot with your partner. Things seem to be so easy for them.

However, as a man, you have to plan the perfect proposal for your partner and it is not a piece of cake for sure. You need to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as it can and she says yes to marrying you. After all, it is not everyday that you plan a proposal or she gets proposed to.

If you are trying to pop the big question to your partner and have no clue from where to begin, we might be able to help you out. Have a look below:

Family is First

Popping the question to your partner is a huge deal, not only for both of you but for her family as well. So before you ask her to marry you, make sure that you and her family are on the same track. After all it’s their daughter we are talking about. They need to make sure that their daughter will be happy as well as safe with you for the rest of their life. So even if you have been their favourite, you should certainly make sure to take the family into consideration before asking your partner to marry you.

Be on the Same Page

Once you have gotten their parent’s permission, you are all set to plan a surprise proposal for your partner. However, you cannot just pop the question without knowing what is on their mind. What if they don’t even want to get married at that point of time? What if marriage is not on the cards for them and they want to focus on their career at that point of time?

You need to talk to them about the future and know if they plan on getting married anytime soon. If you are nervous about having such a conversation, bring in a friend who recently got engaged or married and notice their reaction. You need to make sure that she is ready for a lifelong commitment.

The Engagement Ring

Every woman has a different taste and liking when it comes to jewellery and you need to make sure that you choose the right engagement ring for your partner as she will be wearing it for the rest of their life. What if she likes platinum and you get her a gold ring! That will completely ruin the proposal that you have planned for her.

In order to get the right engagement ring for her, notice what kind of jewellery she wears, especially rings. Does she prefer wearing diamond or kundan? Check out her pinterest account if she has one or what kind of jewellery she searches for online. You will be able to soon understand her taste in jewellery and will be able to get the right engagement ring for your partner.

Jot Down Your Notes

When it comes to popping the big question, just asking them ‘Will you marry me’ isn’t enough. Make sure that you have made some notes about what you want to say to her before you ask her to marry you. You can talk about your relationship with her, about the different experiences you had, what she taught you, the mistakes you often make and yet she forgives you and much more.

These things have no end and are quite genuine. It is not a fake story that you have to make up to impress her. It is something you just have to tell her before you pop the big question. It will make them feel loved and will add to the excitement as well.

Book a Photographer for the Proposal

So you proposed to her and she said yes but you did not take any pictures? That will probably not make your fiance happy and will not make you the best fiance in the world. It is always better to book a photographer for this special occasion so that they can capture the special moments of your proposal whether you are on one knee or she is kissing you. This can be a great time to take pictures and you can always keep these photographs safe for your future kids to see later on.

Apart from that, you can even ask your future sister-in-law or brother-in-law to take these photographs with their iPhone if you don’t want to book a photographer and later on post them on Instagram to let the whole world know that you and your partner are officially together.

Proposal Ideas

If you plan on proposing to your partner during a football match then she is definitely going to be pissed off for sure. A proposal is a special occasion and even if you are doing it in public, a football match is not the place to do so. We have some proposal ideas for you.

  1. A romantic dinner is one of the best places to propose to your partner and is an easy way to propose as well. Go to a fine dining restaurant with your partner and order whatever she likes (because it is her day, duh) and wait for the right moment. Catch her off guard by kneeling down on one knee with an open box of your engagement ring and pop the big question.

  2. A family gathering is another place where you can propose to your partner. Although there will be a lot of people there, you can always ask for some attention from the people and ask your future fiance to join you and pop the question in front of everyone. She will be kissing you while everyone cheers and celebrates with you.

  3. If your partner is an adventure seeker, both of you can always go for a trek and you can carry the engagement ring with you. Once you have taken a break and rest you can give your speech and then by kneeling on one knee you can ask her to marry you. It will certainly catch her off guard and she won’t be able to resist the urge to give you a sweaty kiss.


Every partner deserves a great proposal and as a man it is your job to give that to them. Just getting married isn’t the big occasion for them; it is how you propose to them and how you plan it. Just popping the question isn’t everything, it is how you surprise them. You might even have to lie to them to plan the surprise, but in the end, everything will work out and they will understand as well.

Planning a proposal can be tricky. While you can ask them to get married to you just before you go to bed or even text them, it will never be as romantic as a surprise proposal. It will take time and energy but all of it will be worth it when you see that smile across their face. It will certainly make you smile as well.

Commitment is a lifelong decision and if you are ready for it, only then you should opt for proposing to your partner. If you even have 1% doubt about committing to your partner then do not plan on proposing to them as in the end either you will back out at the last minute or your marriage will fail.

However, if you are ready and all set on committing to your partner, and your partner is ready to get married as well, then getting engaged should be the first step for you. Whether you propose to them during a romantic dinner or while trekking in the hills, make sure it is a surprise and they have no idea about it. Never ruin the surprise for them.

The above given tips will certainly help you out and will assist you in planning your proposal better and in a detailed manner. Apart from that, no matter how you propose, keep a photographer on standby to capture those special moments that will always be dear to your heart. When it comes to the engagement ring, you have to be sure that it is according to the likes of your future wife and not something that you think she will like or prefer.

Good luck!

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