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Handling Pregnancy scare like a man

The information surprised everyone. You didn’t expect her to be pregnant, but she is. She just told you, and as the shock wears off, you can experience confusing or even terrifying feelings. Unexpected pregnancies can be very stressful for both parties, including you. But she needs you to stand by her side and be accountable. Did you know that many women feel their partners don’t support them, which leads them to make regrettable abortion decisions? The problem is that lacking assistance when dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is not always something simple. It goes beyond simple threats or acts of violence. You have the ability to convey not only support but also love and respect for your partner through your words and actions.

Words and actions that could scare her away

Men may disappear into thin air after discovering an unplanned pregnancy. They feel like they need some distance to comprehend the information as fear sets in. The drawback is that their partners might come to think they are simply unreliable. As a result, it can make the partner’s anxieties worse. You might want to ask your spouse for some time to ponder the information if you are feeling tempted to run away for any reason. She might very well agree. However, keep in mind that this pregnancy is about the two of you.

“Your body, your decision—you decide,” you tell your lover. Allowing her to make her own decisions is not necessarily a bad thing, but most women want assurances from their partners that they are loved and supported. By letting her make the decision by herself, you run the risk of giving the impression that you don’t care about the pregnancy enough to give it much thought.

“I don’t know whether we’ll make it if you keep the baby,” Everything about your life and your relationship could be called into question if you find out you’re pregnant unexpectedly. There may be a lot of scepticism, especially if your relationship is unstable. Are you able to attend? Or will it be too much to handle for this baby? It’s entirely normal to be uncertain and fearful. However, how you phrase your intentions and how they are expressed could have a significant impact on how she responds. Though you can choose what to fight for despite not knowing what the future holds,

Accusing her of being at fault by using phrases like “you must have forgotten to take your birth control pill.” She may have forgotten, but it’s more likely that you both chose to have sex. Therefore, this pregnancy is the result of both of you. Even in jest, making statements of that nature could be really harmful and increase the pressure on the situation.

What She Needs from You If She Gets Pregnant Suddenly

So what should you do if you find out you’re pregnant unexpectedly? First of all, be aware that your partner likely experiences the same intense feelings as you. Give her your full attention while expressing your support. Expressing your vulnerability is acceptable, but avoid using the phrases “I don’t know,” “I’m not sure,” or “you choose.” Say something like, “I know you’re terrified right now, but I’ve decided to be there for you because I love you, even though I’m scared right now.” We’ll try our hardest to survive together.

Remember to not stop your life but do activities and other fun things that she is able to do as well. Simple exercises, going on walks, watching movies, cooking or whatever that is safe and fun for your pregnant partner!

You got this!

Make an effort to view things objectively and ask yourself what truly terrifies you. Is it only the pregnancy, or is there more to it? At the end of the day, it’s okay if you don’t know all the answers.

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