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Hacks for Lasting Longer from Leading Andrologists, with Love

There are a few things for which a man would always be greedy and hardly ever satisfied. Money, Time, Penile Length and Time to Ejaculate are the top four amongst them. Numerous industries thrive on possibilities of granting these desires and millions of men are fooled in the process by quackery.

So, why not talk about something that is actually achievable, even though many men might think otherwise. We are referring to the duration of ejacuation. As per the definition given by experts the usual time of penetrative sexual activity during which men ejaculate is anywhere between 2 to 10 minutes. Don’t be swayed by erotic material that is being served to you. It doesn’t last those 30 minutes that you see. Welcome to life!

However, the problem arises when a man finds himself not being able to last even the normal timeline. We know that we used the term ‘normal’ here although there are millions of men who last just a few seconds while having a penetrative sexual encounter. For them sexual intimacy is not an enjoyable affair but something that chills their spine. To get to the cure of this we need to understand some basics of how we ejaculate in the first place.


Serotonin in certain regions of the brain regulates our time to ejaculate. While there are many other mediators, serotonin is the one we best understand. The more the sexual activity the faster the serotonin is eaten up and climax is reached. Various studies have proved that if serotonin can be increased, the ejaculation can be delayed. This can either be achieved by reducing the sensory signals from the penis or by increasing serotonin in the mind.

A man’s health expert will focus on working to figure out the predominant mechanism of early ejaculation, when they come in contact with a couple suffering from premature ejaculatio (PME). This could be an increased peripheral sensitivity or a reduced central time to climax, which is mediated by serotonin.

Learned behavior

The second major point to understand is whether the reduction in serotonin is due to genetic makeup or a result of stress and habit. Our genes govern the amount of serotonin in these excitatory parts of the brain. These genes can’t be changed but an expert can alter the expression of their products with learned or induced behavior.

Once the expert knows where they stand they can start with some simple ways to delay ejaculation or can initiate medical therapy. However, note that lifestyle and medications are complementary to each other.

Let’s start with some simple lifestyle changes. It’s a simple fundamental principle that if you rush through everything in life, you will as a matter of habit rush through sex as well. It’s a learned behavior that is influenced by everything else going on in your life. Reducing stress and changing the rush routine can be tough but slowing down in your life and taking a breath can be helpful. Meditation to help you focus on the subject of your choice can help you out a lot.

Tips to Increase your time

Now let’s talk about a few changes or tips that can help you increase your time substantially. The most widely practiced is the start stop technique. To do this you need to stop in between when you feel that you are about to reach the climax. This will break the continuous stimulation and help you get downhill. Once you are able to overcome the climax you can restart and wait for the climax to be attained again.

Another very similar way is the stop and squeeze technique. In this technique you don’t just stop but also tightly squeeze the penis so that the sexual fantasy is momentarily replaced by signals of discomfort. It helps those who can’t just easily focus on something else very fast and hence are not helped by the start stop technique.

Dr. Ege Can Serefoglu, the Editor of International Journal of Impotence Research, suggests prior masturbation as a good way to delay ejaculation. Often men take time to come again when they are going in for a second round. A condom that absorbs some of the friction during sexual activity is also another good way of delaying ejaculation by sending weaker signals to the brain.

Dr. Raman Tanwar, the Secretary General of the Men’s Health Society of India and Author of the Guidelines on Men’s Health and Male Sexual Dysfunction emphasizes, the need of these easy to incorporate changes along with medications to make things simpler.

Medication is the next step if lifestyle changes do not simply apply. “There aren’t many medicines to target premature ejaculation but there is a large number of men who have benefitted from medicines. Many of these medications are also given to patients with depression with the intent of increasing serotonin in the brain. There are a few promising ones which are still under research”, adds Dr. Raman.

However, in a small subset of men, medicines may also fail to increase the time. It is essential that a detailed evaluation and finding the mechanism of premature ejaculation and a targeted approach be provided by your sexual health expert.

Surgeries dont work too well in patients with a predominantly central mechanism of action, while they work beautifully and permanently in those where the peripheral pathways are the main reason for early ejaculation.


Overall premature ejaculation is a disease which has a significant impact on sexuality and on you as a couple. However, labeling premature ejaculation as a disease would not be fair. It is but a habit that is governed by genetics and your environmental conditioning. It’s rarely partner specific but is a complicated matter to solve. We sincerely hope that our hacks work for you and empower you to perform better.

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