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GYMSHARK opens Non-judgemental Safe Space for Men

Haven’t we all always felt a sudden desire to speak out our heart while visiting our barber or just while getting a beard trim? Well, apparently it’s a global phenomena, where men feel comfortable enough to share their thoughts with their barbers. Keeping the same in mind, GYMSHARK, a sports manufacturing brand, has introduced ‘Deload’, a barber shop that allows men to open up to professional mental health trained barbers, for a free trim.

Gymshark, an international sports manufacturing brand has launched a unique barbershop named ‘Deload’. The newly launched barber shop offers “non-judgemental safe space” that allows men to comfortably open up to a professional mental health trained barber, while receiving their free trim.

Located in London’s Shoreditch, ‘Deload’ will be open from 12th July till 17th July. During this event there will be panel talks across two evenings, with representatives from Calm, Curfew Grooming, Gymshark athletes and influencers, who will be discussing “Be the Mate You’d Want” and “Building Real Strength”.

The concept of ‘Deload’ has been derived from understanding the fact that men find it difficult to open up about how they are feeling. Although there are many men who end up confiding in their barbers and sharing their heart out, without the fear of judgement.

The mental health expert barbers from Curfew Grooming will be trimming for free across the week at ‘Deload’. Gymshark will also be selling exclusive ‘Gymshark Deload’ barbershop merchandise. The proceeds from this merchandise will go to mental health charity ‘Calm’.

The idea is to get men talking, as ‘Deload’ believes that the ‘weight belongs in your hands and not in your head’. Hence, ‘Deload’ is a way to help men talk out their feelings in an environment they can feel comfortable in.

Quite unique and interesting way to get men to express themselves!

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