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Grooming kit for Intimate Hygiene by SVISH

Frustrated with sticky balls? Don’t like the smell down there after a long sweaty day? Well, if you are part of the majority of men that wish there existed an intimate hygiene product for men like women that is affordable and easily available, then you are in luck. Svish has got the answer to your prayers.

Men are always thought to be unhygienic and ill caring towards themselves, a stereotype that is believed till today. But like most assumptions surrounding men, intimate and bodily care is equally appreciated by men too. The metrosexual man, i.e., the modern man, takes the time out of his life to care for his body as it makes him feel confident, fresh, and ready to take the day. Keeping one’s private parts clean is an important hygienic habit for both genders and has to grow with age.

There has been a surge of intimate hygiene products for men in the market that can be seen in the last five years, but most of them were created in developed countries with high costs or could not be imported. Our Indian men were still in a drought regarding products relating to intimate health. With the entry of Svish-on the go, everything changed, and Indian men could finally follow proper body care routines and grow their confidence and feel and smell fresh.

Svish’s line of intimate hygiene products, called #hygieneblowthebelt, includes a range of products to keep yourself below the waist cool and fresh all day. They are the first-of-its-kind product in India, which makes them a must-buy for every Indian man. All of these products are clinically tested and have proven to change the lives of many men.

If you need products that are specially made for your balls, Svish has got your back. Their ballz care package comes with two sets of 10 intimate hygiene wash, one ballz foam wash and a ballz roll-on deodorant which you can use on the go. All these products are dermatologically tested to be skin-friendly and not cause any rash, itching and no irritation, making your life under the belt a completely worry-free smooth ride. You can also customise your package according to your needs on their website.

The ballz foam wash is Sulphate and Paraben free formulated, specially designed for gentle skin in intimate areas. This foam reduces skin irritation and bad odour, keeping it moisture free and fresh. But the real star of the set is the roll-on deodorant, which is the first of its kind specially curated for your manliness. Couple with two sets of wipes to keep your privates fresh and clean throughout the day.

This ballz grooming kit comes in an attractive box with their clever tagline: “We respect your Balls”. To add to it the packaging is devoid of any plastic and is environment friendly. The products in the kit are available for individual purchase, but it’s better to buy the grooming kit as the whole set comes at an exciting offer of 999/-. This kit is exactly what our men need to escape the terror of chaffing and foul odours. An intimate cleaning kit is important to a man to not only feel and look clean but also prevent diseases and rashes.

Svish has its vision targeted toward men from the era of Gen Z and the Millennials and hopes to bring about a change in the sphere of men’s grooming which does not mean only the face but also the body and intimate areas. They look to a future where people are more aware of the importance of intimate grooming and personal hygiene. Their products have been introducing a lineup for women, too, making sure both you and your partner have their grooming game in place and also making it a fun activity for couples. This makes Svish an excellent grooming brand that is catered for both genders by releasing grooming kits with attractive packages and prices.

You can check their whole product lineup at They have a whole counter of hygiene and body products from hair removal creams to gadget disinfectant wipes to keep your costly gadgets clean and even toilet disinfectant sprays for you to carry when you need to hit the loo at sudden times.

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