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Grooming Habits You Need To Change Right Now

Having a wrong routine to up your grooming game or not having one at all will decide how you look. Whether you look as young as 25 when you’re 32 or the other way around depends vastly on habits you follow to groom yourself. It is all not about habits as well, something’s are genetic largely things are in your own hands.

Cleansing, toning and moisturising your face might not be enough. You need to have a proper skincare and haircare routine to avoid conditions in which you end up spending more on your grooming than required. You can just ditch the old habits and follow up on the good ones that will take you miles.

Hard water and how to protect hair and skin from it

Taking a shower everyday doesn’t get things done for a man. You might be using the wrong kind of water for bathing. The water that runs in our taps in Hard water and it is rich in minerals and chemicals. These nutrients form a layer of chemicals in the scalp of hair and the skin that will disrupt the right amount of nourishment to reach the right spots resulting in hair fall and flaky scalp.

To prevent such a thing from happening, you don’t need to try a lot of shampoos or conditioners. Firstly, using apple cider vinegar in warm water to rinse yourself or using a shampoo with apple cider vinegar in it. Try to use sulphate free shampoos. And you can use purified water for bathing as it will be softened in the process.

Ignoring Teeth – Regular Dental Checkups

Men mostly don’t care for this until they arrive at a stopping point where they experience pain, yellow gums or high sensitivity. We all have been under confident regarding our breath sometimes as well and that is why taking good care of your teeth and gums is important and getting a dental check up might be the need of the hour. Sure sitting on a dentist’s chair is scary but it might be the best if you want to avoid dental cavities, bad breath, weak gums, decay, etc.

To ensure no such thing happens, it is important to maintain good hygiene in your mouth. Grooming, Cleaning and flossing your tongue and gums after brushing your teeth. If you take good care they might turn out very useful in later ages. You should also drink more water at small intervals and chew pineapple/ drink pineapple juice if you aren’t sure about your breath. Consuming vitamin-c rich food and using a vinegar based mouthwash might also be valuable to add to your everyday regime.

Feet – Care not Fetish

Well no one sees them and what is the point? No that isn’t the case. Feet are as important as any other part of the body and if not taken care of, it can be drastic and embarrassing for any man. They might start to smell, also if not properly groomed, the area near the heel gets dry and finally cracks. In winters or for men who regularly wear shoes, socks do protect your feet but when wearing floaters or sandals, they might not be protected anymore, and hence some extra care might not hurt.

If you want to avoid drastic feet, moisturise and massage them with mustard oil every night before going to sleep. Taking some time out of your busy lives to soak your feet in salty warm water might give them a good manicure And help in grooming them. You can apply foot cream after that. And the one mistake that you totally just can’t make is walking without slippers.

Probiotics and how they affect you

Single celled organisms like bacteria and fungi take shelter in our body and form a complete relationship with it. This relationship has an impact on everything – from physical to mental health. These bacteria reside in the gut and can communicate around the skin and the brain, resulting in bad digestion which is ultimately the root to various skin problems.

The best way to keep yourself glowing and your gut healthy is by consuming a maximum amount of probiotics in the form that suits you best. You can either go for dairy products or supplements that fulfil the same motive.

Strongest of the 5 Senses – Smell

The scent you carry will let people know who you are. So choose your scent wisely. It doesn’t matter how long you take to pick out your outfit or how many compliments you receive, smell triggers 75% of emotions and will determine how people perceive you. In case you don’t understand yourself and cannot recognise your scent you will just end up spending on bottles of perfume that won’t even describe you.

To be the best smelling you need to understand and choose your scent according to occasion. You might not need to wear a heavy winter smell on a summer day or the other way around. Also people change with time and scents you used to like when you were young might not be the ones that will help grooming you now. But that doesn’t mean that you need to empty your old bottles by spraying them altogether. Also, if you understand your scent you don’t need to go for very expensive bottles of perfume, you can go for cheaper options that offer good quality.

In the end, it is important to recognise these mistakes and improve over them. Also taking good care of the face and skin around the eyes is also important to look young forever, like Anil Kapoor.

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