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Gifting Ideas for Women this International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March, every year and has a special meaning as it celebrates the true power of women and gender equality that is needed in the society. It is a day when women are honoured and revered and proclaimed for all that they have done for us; from child care and household work to working night shifts at the office.

However, when it comes to gifting something to women on Women’s Day, men often get confused and don’t understand what is supposed to be gifted. Instead, most men opt for flowers or chocolates if they don’t know them well, rather than gifting something thoughtful.

As International Women’s Day is approaching, we decided to help you in deciding an appropriate gift for women rather than the usual approach. Let’s have a look:


Every man should know that women love jewellery. Whether it is a diamond ring or a gold chain, women love to flaunt their jewellery as accessories. No matter what their outfit is, women always add a piece of jewellery along with it. And even if they don’t, they always love to have a collection of their favourite jewels.

Gifting jewellery to a woman will certainly make you their favourite! Apart from that, you will have a lot of options to choose from, such as earrings, rings, bracelets, anklets, necklace, pendants and so much more.

Make sure that you choose something elegant and graceful and nothing too sparkling or glossy. Women don’t prefer this kind of bling. Apart from that, a pendant necklace would be a good option to go for. If not, you can always opt for dangle hook earrings for her.

Makeup Bag

Women may not talk about their makeup to you but that doesn’t mean that they don’t own makeup. Even when they aren’t wearing any makeup, they have loads of it back at home. While not all women wear makeup, if your woman wears it, then gifting her a makeup bag can be a good option to go for.

Makeup bags are basically made to organise all the makeup that they own, whether foundation, concealer or makeup brushes and put them all in one place. These makeup bags come in different shapes and sizes and you will be amazed as to how many different such bags are available in the market as well as online.

It will be a thoughtful gift for a woman, especially if you want to win some brownie points.


A woman without sunglasses doesn’t seem stylish enough. And a woman will never have enough pairs of sunglasses. With so many styles and frames of sunglasses available, you can always give your woman a nice pair of sunglasses and win her heart.

You can always buy a pair of shades online or go to the shop to buy them. Apart from that, there are different types of sunglasses available for women from which you can choose from, such as shields, polarised, cat eye, coloured lenses, round shaped and many more.

You can buy more than one pair of shades to show your woman what she means to you!

Full Body Massager

A woman goes through a lot during her life, such as periods, household chores, childcare, office work and much more. She deserves to get a break to have a massage. So what could be better than a full body massager to give her as a gift on International Women’s Day. It would please her a lot and certainly make her believe that you truly care for her.

While you might not know what type of full body massager you should opt for and what they really are, you could do some research online and either buy a full body massaging electric chair for her or a body massaging machine that reaches all the points of her body. It will really mean a lot to her.


Women not only need handbags but also love to have a collection of handbags at home. They always mix and match it with their outfit and that’s why purchasing a handbag for a woman might be an easy option for you. There are different types of handbags available out there for women so you can always make a choice. For instance, you could choose between a tote bag or a sling bag.

Make sure that you are going for a branded bag and nothing cheap from the street as a woman has to carry it all the time. Apart from that, ensure that it is full of pockets as women tend to carry a lot of stuff in their handbag. They have to, considering the length of their jeans pockets.

Daily Planner

Believe it or not, a woman runs around the clock with her office work to her household chores to her grocery shopping. With so much to do on her plate, she will certainly need to plan her day. So, what could be better than a daily planner to gift her on Women’s Day! It will not only help her to plan her day better but also assist her in organising her day well.

You can either buy a daily planner online or shop for it in the market. These days, there are a number of wonderful daily planners available for women which will make her believe that she truly is the boss of her life.


A woman not only loves to look her best but also smell her best. If you don’t already know this, a woman has a number of perfumes with different scents that are amazing to sniff. However, another perfume in her kitty won’t be a bad idea.

It will be better that you don’t purchase a perfume online but buy it yourself to ensure the fragrance that you are going for. Apart from that, you must buy a good, branded perfume and not a cheap one as it matters a lot when it comes to perfumes.

Hair Styling Tool

Any woman, whether she has long hair or short hair, loves to style them, whether she is going for a date or just for work. It helps her to look her best when she goes out and builds her confidence as well.

When it comes to hair styling tools, you can always opt for either a hair curling iron or a hair straightener. You should at least know if your better half likes her hair straight or curled. However, if she likes it both ways, there are certain hair styling tools which can both curl her hair as well as straighten them as well.

Wrist Watch

A classy and elegant wrist watch might just be the way to your woman’s heart. While time can always be checked in your smartphone, a wrist watch is still required for a woman to wear and showcase her style. It is almost a status symbol nowadays.

So if you opt to buy her a wrist watch, make sure that you choose a good brand and don’t buy anything cheap for her. You could even go further and buy her a smart watch if you want to and make her the happiest woman in the world!

Bluetooth Headphones

A woman is always on the go, running around the clock and now sometimes even busier than a man. However, listening to music or talking on the go is always required, whether she is in the subway or in the cab. And you could just help her out by replacing her normal headphones with bluetooth headphones.

There are a lot of brands available when it comes to bluetooth headphones, so you will have to make a wise decision. It will be better if you don’t purchase them online and buy them by yourself to make sure the product works for sure.


When you plan to give something to a woman, it is very important that you give her something thoughtful. Chocolate or a bouquet of roses are always nice but giving something that makes you say that you truly care for her is necessary. Whether you choose a smart watch for her or a hair curling tool, it will show how important she is for you. And what day is better than International Women’s Day to tell her that!

If you believe in her, stand by her and are ready to fight for her, a thoughtful gift for her should not be a problem for you at all. If you already have something in mind for her then that’s great. However, if you have no idea what kind of thoughtful gift you should give her then the above gifting ideas are some great options for you.

Remember how she always stood by your side and cared for you when no one else did. How she believed in you when no one else did. Keep all this in mind and show her how much you love her by choosing one of these above gifting ideas.

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