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Gain Muscles More Than Weight

By: Aakriti Gupta

Aren’t you tired of listening to these constant sarcastic slurs‘ don’t you eat anything at home’ or ‘you will be easily blown away if a thunderstorm comes’ just because you are underweight? To resolve this, you start chomping on junk and fatty food to gain weight, but the end result is always the same. Your tummy is out making you look just like your neighbourhood uncle. There is a fine line between gaining muscles and gaining weight, we are here with some exercises that will help you to gain muscles more than weight for a healthy body.

Gym trainers know the way to get bigger is through weight training not via your stomach as weight training exercises are designed to enlarge and staunch your muscles. Feasting on chicken burgers or mozzarella cheese can bulk up your body (more fat), but you can bid goodbye to your health soon.

More fat in your body equates to obesity seeding to hypertension, diabetes, and an array of cardiovascular diseases in men whereas gaining muscles improves your body’s strength and stamina making your body sturdy inside-out.

Muscle mass is built up when you put a strain on your muscles tissue’s fibres by weightlifting beyond their everyday limit (till the time you get exhausted). After consistency in consumption of a rich protein diet and exercise, you start observing your body transforming into a brawny one.

Here are some exercises (not for weight loss) that you can try either at home or hit at the gym which will help you gain muscles more than weight. 


We use quadriceps, calves, and hamstrings glutes to lower ourselves down into the bottom of the squat and then lift ourselves back to the starting position. It is one of the functional exercises for gaining lower body strength and toning men’s butt area and thighs.

This helps in stabilising men’s torso as well as involving the abdominals, mid-back, lats, and upper back, instead of targeting each of these muscles you can try squats for building full body strength and mass.


A favourite exercise of guys out there! Whenever there is a challenge, there are men doing push-ups. It is one of the difficult yet effective exercises in terms of building men’s both upper body and core strength, and helps in gaining muscles.

They work the triceps, pectoral muscles, shoulder muscles, chest, abdominals, and wing muscles located under your armpits boosting each arena’s strength and size


While doing pull-ups, there is a lot of pressure on men’s muscle fibres that break down your muscle. Following this, your body transports all the nutrients including proteins and chemicals to repair your injured muscles and build them bigger and stronger.

Pull-ups train the upper back and biceps. The more muscles are built up, the more muscle mass you gain. Do this and you may get tempted to excel in this every day more to maximise your gains and improvement.


This exercise is out-and-out for bulking up and toning men’s leg and butt muscles productively. A perfect addition to your gym routine devised for people who want to strengthen, sculpt and tone their bodies.

This target men’s glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, and core to help them gain weight all over the body. You may also add weights to your exercise to make it more tough and rough.


It involves the whole body workout but focuses mainly on building up the chest, shoulders, and triceps to make them bigger and stronger. It’s one of the regular exercises for men who go to the gym to add size, strength, and power to your chest.


It’s a comprehensive exercise for men involving maximum production of muscles maintaining the balanced distribution of weight in each core arena of your body. It helps in toning as well as expanding your upper and lower back hamstrings, glutes, and leg muscles.

Deadlifts require the right posture otherwise you can end up damaging your back. After pushing yourself through this exercise, you may feel dead and will need the lift from your gym trainer but believe us, it will be worthwhile to gain muscles.


Nothing can be propitious for men to gain muscles in a healthy way by hitting some weight-training exercises along with devouring protein rich-diet (can be your toothsome banana milkshake).

Exercises like squats, push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, bench presses, and deadlifts not only help you to gain muscle but make your torso and lower body muscular and rugged, mushrooming your muscle mass.

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