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Fun things to do this Son and Daughter’s Day

By: Ridhiman Das

A man’s offspring, whether a daughter or a son, means the whole world to him. He would wake up everyday with the first motive of making sure his children slept okay and if they were in need of anything. He will provide them the best of whatever he is capable of. Providing for the children is important but sometimes it’s more than just the comfort of life, children also crave emotional needs and time spent with their parents. Growing up with parents that are available and there to play and spend time makes children grow up to be  confident and capable of developing healthy communication and people skills. This Son and Daughter’s Day spend time with your children and give them some awesome memories to look back to with these fun things, continue reading to know more!

Creating a castle or a fort out of safe materials such as books, cardboard boxes and blankets is a great way to spend time with the children especially when they are of younger age. It’s a great way to have a strong parent child relationship as well as growth for children as it helps them apply concepts of shapes and sizes, helping in their cognitive abilities. Plus point is, it creates a unique and fun playground for the children to use.

Here are some activities that you can do this Son and Daughter’s Day:

Taking them to the movies

Taking the children to go watch a hit animated movie in the cinemas is a great way to spend the Son and Daughter’s day. While the movie might not be your type but it creates an environment for the children as they feel they can share their interests and likes with their parents which helps in building a strong parent child relationship.

Going on a morning hike to see the sunrise

Nothing beats the moment of being awake at the time of dawn to see the world light up, by the magnificent glory of the sun. Taking the children to a scenic location to see the sunrise is a great way to make them learn the laws of nature and the concept of Earth’s revolution, on a rudimentary level of coure. It’s the perfect way to spend time with your children as watching the sunrise never goes wrong no matter your age.

An overnight stay in a wildlife sanctuary

Taking the kids to a wildlife sanctuary or observatory is an absolutely amazing way to spend time with them. It helps in providing an environment of knowledge for the children, to learn about the different flora and fauna that exists alongside them. Visiting a wildlife sanctuary is never a bore no matter the age as the world around us hosts species of fascinating creatures which always peaks our interests. Children are always fascinated from a tender age about the world outside of us humans, animals, plants and the whole of nature itself.

Paint with them

Activities such as painting, drawing and sculpting are a classic example of spending time with children especially in their growing years. Painting also helps inculcate a sense of artistic flair for the children which lets their emotional side speak when words fail. Painting also involves colours which children already find fascinating to play with and colours are also a great way to express emotions which children get to learn soon enough.

Learn a new hobby

Learning a new hobby or activity such as an instrument or reading can help in faster brain growth and make your children smarter. A new hobby learnt under the guidance of parents builds a strong relationship between the offspring and the childbearers. This gives them the interest and the confidence to learn new things.

Decorate their room into a unique play and safe space

Making your Child’s bedroom into a one off masterpiece is an amazing way for the parents and the children to equally have fun. The children will have their own safe playground in the confines of home and also become the main attraction for their friends to visit and have fun together. A perfect Son and Daughter’s Day spent together.


KIting is an extremely peaceful way of having fun. It makes your children learn the smaller things in life and gives them space to see the world around them and make them realise that even the simplest of things are so beautiful. Kiting can also be enjoyed by the parents, especially if they had participated in the game when they were young themselves. An open sky, and a windy day, kiting can be a relaxing way to bond with your children and strengthen your parent child relationship.

Prank calling grandparents and relatives

Pranking can be sometimes offensive and a nuisance but if it remains within the confines of family and does not cross the line, pranking can be a really fun thing to bond over and strengthen your parent child relationship. Children at an age love surprising and playing the fool with others, so prank calling can be a fun activity and involving the grandparents won’t get your child into problems but you might have to be ready to get an earful for pulling a prank at your parents even at this age!

Bake with them

Baking is also another great activity that involves cooking but still does not involve the direct use of fire and oils, keeping it safe and enjoyable. Children love cakes and sweet bakery things but they are not aware of how it is made. Making your children learn baking together with you will make them develop a hobby that is useful and also make them learn to be responsible as cooking is something that will always fill their tummy whenever needed. Besides, who knows if they turn out to participate in ‘the Masterchef’ in the future?


Children expect their parents to be the closest people to them. In times of need, sadness and trouble; children mostly think of their parents as their number one supporter. A father’s place just like a mother’s is irreplaceable in a child’s life, a father most of the time because of his stress of work and the stress to provide comfort for the family tends to forget that it’s not always the physical or materialistic comfort but the emotional comfort that children need. Men need to be made aware of this as the emotional side of things is always expected by the mother and not the father, but it is equally important for both the parents to fulfil that role for a healthy parent child relationship! Use this Son and Daughter’s Day to show them your true love.

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