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Focus is the new time

As ambitions grow or hardships increase time gets eaten up.

There are so many things on the plate as our responsibilities increase and we are out of time. In such a situation making the best use of what we have is the only solution. Firstly, we need to value our time well. We must know what our time is worth, because it is actually our time that we are giving away or investing either in ourselves or our relationships or business. Secondly we need to enrich time with Quality. It is focus in what we do that brings quality to our time, focus that comes from practised balance stress free mind that is in no hurry to jump to the next task. With so many devices and services distracting us we need to disqualify and dismiss what is free but what we don’t need. Our ability to use our time and accomplish our goal in that time is also important. We need to know what we are agile to accomplish so that we don’t overburden ourselves, and bite more than we can chew. Once we know the value of our time, our ability to achieve what we can in that time and we focus to improve the quality of that time we can accomplish more in what we have. 

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